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Guangzhou Kangda Vocational Technical College Celebrates Opening Ceremony 2018

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400 aspiring Nursing School freshmen stepped onto the campus and embarked on a voyage to a new milestone in life with dreams of health in their young hearts as Guangzhou Kangda Vocational Technical College (GKVTC) held the solemn opening ceremony 2018, themed with “Youth: Metamorphosis into Butterflies”, on Sept. 9.


The event was officiated at by GKVTC Organizing Committee Chairman Wang Zhen and speakers also included FEH (Far Eastern Horizon) Vice-President & FEH Health Group General Manager, Wu Zhijun, Nursing School Dean Yuan Aihua, Faculty Representative Zhang Liping, Huizhou Huakang Hospital affiliated to FEH Deputy Director Su Jing and Freshmen Representative Yan Yuning.

This is the first time ever for FEH to invest in GKVTC as part of a cooperation project intended to run a nursing school. The first round of enrollment for the Nursing School marks that FEH has changed  course to initiate the nursing degree program. It also symbolizes a corporate move to kick off  an all-new inclusive health care strategy since top nursing professionals with an international perspective are expected to support the health operation and the aged care operation. Besides, the Nursing School will pump new energy into an optimized, upgrading health sector. 



The opening ceremony went on in a heated atmosphere.


The Nursing School enrollment rate exceeded 80% as freshmen exhibited great enthusiasm, hitting a record high in school history and ranking high above the performance of its equivalents based in Guangdong.


Nursing Education Arises in Response to Government’s Call and Social Demand and There’s a Long Way to Go

Nursing is an essential component of the medical and health care cause. As the Chinese public develops an increasing demand for health service, they are constantly updating the perception of nursing, hence an ever more pressing need for well-educated nursing professionals. However, there’s a general dire shortage of nursing professionals across the industry. Medical schools fail to meet escalating demand adequately in terms of both number and quality, because of outdated enrollment and education schemes. To make matters worse, the society at large has little in-depth knowledge about the profession, frontline nurses work under great pressure and an underdeveloped advancement mechanism is becoming a salient obstacle in the way of China’s health care initiative.


Freshmen were received methodically.

In regard of the importance of the nursing profession and the big demand-supply gap, the Ministry of Education (MOV), the National Health Commission (NHC) and four other ministries have endorsed substantial support, scheduling it as an education program of national importance. At the last National Meeting on the Nursing Industry, Deputy Prime Minister Liu Yandong made a point of the profession’s irreplaceable role in life protection, disease control and the people’s health status. According to him, nursing is an ordinary profession with noble missions, so he requested the society, especially the medical schools, give importance to nursing education and supply professionally competent talent in the interests of China’s health care cause. 


FEH Concentrates Premium Resources on a Top Nursing School 

Drawing on FEH’s financial resources and GKVTC’s extensive school running experience, the Nursing School, a pilot initiative, aims to train high-end nurse practitioners with practical skills and an international perspective who are theoretically learned, professionally capable and supposed to be inducted seamlessly to posts. The education scheme is featured by collaboration between the school and hospitals and coordination of their resources. In this manner the Nursing School is provided with bountiful resources from FEH to put in place a scientific, methodical, inclusive and structured scheme.


    In terms of curriculum planning, FEH will encourage Chinese and foreign professional force to take part in teaching activities, program development, research programs and clinical teaching & practical skills in an effort to apply book knowledge to practice in seamless compliance with professional standards.

In terms of faculty, the Nursing School boasts of a hierarchically-governed team of great many prominent professors, lecturers with a PhD or master degree and clinical nursing experts with years of practical experience. FEH will coordinate the school with FEH subsidiary hospitals so the teachers and clinicians can join hands in providing collaborative training programs for the students. 

In terms of practice, the Nursing School will tailor its education scheme to the hospital environment by providing simulation education programs. Classrooms and field work bases will be instituted in the best of FEH hospitals in an effort to enhance the students’ practical skills and clinical experience effectively.


FEH’s Talent Training Program to Designed for Group Strategy

Since its foundation, FEH has concentrated every effort on fostering the hospital operation and aged care operation; and now they’re near maturity. FEH takes a two-pronged step by laying equal stress on market expansion and internal management. The support of well-trained professionals is the decisive factor that bolsters up the success of the hospitals and the fast expansion of the aged care providers. Pursuing the goal of “One System, One Network, One Hospital” in response to corporate strategic integration requirements and to the bottleneck problems at an advanced stage, FEH continues as always to institutionalize and normalize the talent training system on its own as part of a strategic issue. The Nursing School, an educational partnership launched with GKVTC, is the newest of FEH’s talent initiatives beneficial to its sustainable development, consolidating the talent strategy into the inclusive health strategy.

In his address, President Wu emphasized nursing as a great and noble cause which requires every nurse to dedicate professional service, wisdom and humanity in the capacity of an ordinary attendant. Since nursing professionals will be in great demand in the future, the Nursing School, as a nurse training base, should operate as expected by FEH, while the faculty and students should hold together in pursuing both whole-person education and general education goals so that the students can acquire character and skills and provide care and nursing services alike. At the same time, the Nursing School should give importance to cooperate with FEH’s hospital-run online schools on operating an all-encompassing training platform which combines online learning with offline learning, degree-specific education with on-the-job education and theoretical knowledge with skill training. In order to widen the students’ horizon, update their knowledge and strengthen their overall competitiveness, President Wu asked FEH affiliates, e.g. financial institutions, hospital management companies and hospitals, to address the school’s needs continually by providing more support for and assistance to its talent program. The ultimate end is to create a synergistic effect for FEH and contribute jointly to training high-end all-around nursing professionals for a new era.  


It’s Great to Meet You at the Height of My Youth

Education is an undertaking of fundamental importance that may take centuries to mature. GKVTC freshmen will embark on a meaningful, thrilling academic voyage, while FEH will hit the road and implement its talent training strategy. Keeping to the mission of “serving and bearing in mind China’s national health cause”, FEH will, in collaboration with the Nursing School, consistently deliver high-end, excellent and all-around nursing professionals with an international perspective and scholastic, nursing and management capabilities to the hospital sector as part of FEH’s inclusive health strategy. At the same time, FEH will fulfill the society’s expectation by guiding the students onto their path of illustrious success. 

FEH is 15 years old, at the prime of its age. When it ushers in young nursing students onto GKVTC campus, a colorful painting scroll unfolds slowly in the midst of a sonorous, inspiring symphony in praise of youth.

It’s great to meet you at the height of my youth!