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Good News Abounds as 90% of Qingdao High School Grads Enrol in World’s Top 100 Universities

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2018-09-13

There’s a miraculous yet mysterious school located close to Jiaozhou Bay, a paradise known for its azure sky, blue sea, brick-red roof tiles and green trees. It goes without saying that I mean FEH Qingdao High School. While only less than 200 grads roll off the line every year, a stunning 90% of the selected few are enrolled by the world’s top 100 universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and Yale.    

    Exciting news of FEH Qingdao High School grads enrolling in overseas universities abounds over the latest season. Wang, a 2018 grad, has received the admission letter from Cambridge; Yu has enrolled in Yale to pursue a MD-PhD program; Wang has been admitted by Imperial College London; and more than that.


A Gateway to the World’s Top Universities

The following is a list of the eight rounds of foreign university admissions since FEH Qingdao High School was founded in 2009.

36% of the grads enrolled in the world’s top 30 universities, including Cambridge, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, UCL, Imperial College London, and more.

48% of the grads enrolled in the world’s top 50 universities, including UPenn, LSE, ANU, UBC, University of Edinburgh, and more.

The 2018 grads have received admission letters from nearly 500 of the world’s top universities as they open arms to FEH Qingdao High School in the most recent enrollment season. It’s worth noting that 90% of the new recruits, who come into the spotlight with illustriously high scores, are the picks of the world’s top 100 institutions of higher education.


FEH’s Secret to Education: Integration of East and West Nurtures Elites

Qingdao High School, with its illustrious success, is but one of FEH’s many feats in microcosm. As one of the oldest Chinese financial service providers investing in education, FEH has been committed to forging an international elite education scheme unique to China by, on the one hand, keeping to the teaching philosophy of “Student-centered, integration of East and West and Elite Education”, on the another hand, caring for interest and talent development and career planning of students.



FEH is well known for Double Tricolor, an international senior high school education policy of its own, which integrates British elite education, American innovative education and Confucian education (the so-called Six Arts, i.e. rite, music, archery, equestrianism, calligraphy and mathematics) to train each student on elite-class qualities, skills, international perspectives and Chinese cultural essence.


Let’s hear what the schoolmaster, the teachers, the students and their parents say about FEH Qingdao High School.

Headmaster Mr. Carolan:

 “Chinese students are energetic, aspiring and voracious learners. They hope to get the best of themselves. We aim to develop them into the best talent, send them to the top schools in the world and bring back the best teachers from around the world. For my part, I’ve two children, but there’s a larger group of nearly 600 Chinese schoolchildren around me. We keep in close contact with their families so we can help them grow up well.”


Senior Class Director Mr. Kerr: 

 “The most important quality of the upperclassmen, I think, is their confidence, unbelievable confidence. I give them credit also for curiosity and the initiative in learning. I credit it to their progress and mastery of academic knowledge.”


Business & Economics Faculty Deputy Dean Xu Qiubo:

 “One of our highlights is the international New Six Arts, a package designed to assist the students in acquiring etiquette, artistic qualities, leadership, competitiveness, confidence and, first of all, knowledge — enhanced exploration into natural science, Chinese & Western culture and critical thinking.”


Mrs. Wang, a mother:

 “My husband, child and I visited local American high schools, a few international schools out of Shandong and different international schools in Qingdao. Then we returned home, made a SWOT analysis and decided unanimously on this school. It enjoys a very high reputation over the years and is well-managed. Besides, it’s well known for a very mature A-level Curriculum, which is an international curriculum acknowledged by many foreign universities for admission.”


Student’s Union Chairman Sonny:

 “I’ve longed to be here. In my point of view, a good school ought to have an education scheme that consolidates Chinese education and Western education as well as morally and academically excellent students. Additionally, many of the grads are admitted by the world’s most prominent universities. That’s why I want to be here.”


Student Leader Ariana:

 “Since I came here, I’ve noticed a great change in myself. I’m more active, more self-independent. In the past I had to be urged to study, but now I have my own way of learning to find what interests me.”


What’s A-Level?

A-Level, or the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level in full, is the qualification conferred as the General Certificate of Secondary Education, as well as qualification for British high school students to be matriculated by a British university. To get an A-Level and enroll in a university, a student must learn three to four main subjects and pass the final exam. The test scores and the A-level subjects selected are very critical for the student to enroll in his or her ideal university and study the required degree courses.    

Century-old Quality Education

Devoted to education for nearly two decades, FEH has kept to its two-pronged corporate strategy, i.e. equal emphasis on finance and Industry, and to its mission of “Disseminating Chinese culture and revitalizing national education”. Thanks to years of hard work, FEH has basically built up its own K12 system with a prominent brand effect.    


FEH operates a score of Montessori Academies based on Montessori education philosophy in many Chinese metropolises, including Shanghai, Qingdao, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Wuhan and Tianjin.  


FEH operates four schools offering international courses, including Shanghai Hongwen School (Grade 1 through Grade 9), Qingdao High School (A-Level), Chengdu High School (A-Level) and The National Mathematics and Science College (STEM courses).


A Chinese saying goes that trees take a decade to grow up and education schemes take a century to mature. 


FEH has consistently dedicated itself to forging the most distinctive private education system in China and to providing the highest-quality education services for countless families. What it pursues is a century-long cause crafted with utmost care. Mrs. Ren Guofang, Chief Principal of FEH Education Group, said: 


 “We keep to the teaching philosophy of “Student-centered, integration of East and West and Elite Education”, which is in line with the core values of scientific development. For example, in education, we put a premium on the role of science, international perspective and contribution to society. We advocate the philosophy of focusing all social resources on the education cause. It exemplifies our dream to take the lead in basic education reform and catch up with the world’s premiere education institutions.”