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Welcome to Ask about FAR EAST HORIZON Flagship School in Shanghai

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As the first 9-year flagship school forged by FAR EAST HORIZON, Shanghai Hongwen School caught the eyes of countless people at the opening ceremony. 


Hongwen will hold a Q&A session on Nov. 17 and Nov. 24 in reply to the calls and letters from countless parents, briefing attendees on its operational philosophy, facilities, faculty and course offering.


We look forward to your visit.


About Hongwen

Shanghai Hongwen School is a privately-run boarding school located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. With the aim of “Student-centered, integration of East and West and Elite Education”, our school has brought the top Shanghai’s education leadership team and teacher team. It aims to build a modern first-class campus and aspire to become a blueprint of Shanghai education. Our school will officially open on Sep. 1, 2018.



Situated at 318 Chuanda Rd, Pudong New Area and adjoining Biyun International Community and Shanghai Disneyland, Hongwen is conveniently located near the Chuansha Entrance to S1 Superhighway. The campus is around 40 minutes’ drive from Lujiazui, 25 minutes’ drive from Zhangjiang High-tech Park and 20 minutes’ drive from Tangzhen. Metro Line 2 (Chuansha Stop) is about 2 km away.



The campus is an about 83 mu tract with a gross building area of 35,000 m2 and a forest cover of 75%. With winding rivers and thick vegetation, Hongwen has one of the best campuses among Shanghai schools. Extensive indoor/outdoor spaces and colorful functional settings contribute positively to cultivating interests and hobbies. In addition to a beautiful campus, Hongwen is famous for state-of-the-art education concepts.


Principle: Student-centered, integration of East and West, Elite Education

With the philosophy of “Student-centered, integration of East and West, Elite Education”, we look into the future and provide first-class education for students who are capable to make social contributions, scientific innovation and international competitiveness, enabling them to walk into the world with confidence and incorporate the essence of Chinese culture into the world culture.


Keyword: Student-centered

Respecting the differences of the students, Hongwen encourages them to give free play to special talents and helps them learn better with scientific methods. In addition, the school organizes some step-by-step all-around talent training activities in order to prepare them for escalating difficulty and challenges. The activities are designed to cultivate their character and ability to overcome difficulty.


Keyword: Integration of East and West

As with other FAR EAST HORIZON-affiliated educational institutions, Hongwen founds itself on Chinese cultural values while incorporating advanced Western educational concepts and methods, enabling the students to sublimate the perception of Chinese culture through comparison.     


Keyword: Elite Education

FAR EAST HORIZON is a dedicated proponent of the building of elite schools providing quality or choice education. In order to meet the need of individual students to develop special talents, Hongwen set goals of education quality enhancement by organizing a faculty consisting of numerous excellent teachers. The faculty makes up a very critical part of FAR EAST HORIZON’s unique private education system.

In terms of faculty size, there is one teacher for every ten primary school students and one teacher for every eight middle school students. Foreign teachers account for 35% and 45% of the faculty, respectively. 

In terms of faculty quality, the school has like-minded, caring teachers who are keen on learning and have extensive experience. Hongwen brings together a group of like-minded leading educators and backbone teachers who lay a solid foundation in exploring and implementing personalized education.


Two Heavyweight Educators: Ren Guofang and Hou Xiaobo


Ren Guofang

Chief Principal of FAR EAST HORIZON Education Group (former Headmistress of Pinghe Bilingual School) 


Hou Xiaobo

FAR EAST HORIZON Voluntary Education Unit Proctor

Hongwen Executive Headmaster (former Headmaster of Shanghai United International School)


Two Spaces

Indoor Space and Outdoor Space

Extensive indoor/outdoor spaces and colorful functional settings contribute positively to cultivating interests and hobbies

Indoor space

Hongwen has 59 ordinary classrooms, 64 special classrooms and 125 dorms with 500+ beds. The special classrooms come under the following categories:


There are 16 art classrooms, including the stringed instrument room, black box theater, Tang Xianzu Theater, dance room, music room, fine art room and sand painting room.  


Scholastic rooms include the STEM lab, calligraphy room, natural history room, history room, geography room, Chinese classics room and computer room as well as three physics rooms, three chemistry rooms and three biology rooms. 



Innovation rooms include the 3D printing lab.


Sport facilities include the covered stadium, indoor stadium and archery room.


Outdoor Space

Hongwen provides the students with a wide selection of outdoor recreation solutions as well as a variety of indoor solutions.



Sport facilities include a 300 m circular course (inclusive of a football pitch), a gym, four basket courts, two tennis courts, a sunken music square, a rollerskating area, a climbing wall and an open theater.



Theme places include Bamboo Maze, Lüyexianzong, Xiongyouqiuhe, Cherry Blossom Track, Zaihezhizhou Strand, Fangcaoqiqi Lawn, Baizixixi Amusement Park, Banmufangtang Pool, and Yimutian Garden. 


Three Education Systems

Mega-humanism, Mega-science and Art & Sport Integration

Based on the concept of mega-humanism, mega-science and art & sport integration, Hongwen has developed over 80 courses to explore and apply innovative teaching methods aimed to cultivate the students’ hobbies and talents.


Mega-humanism: Focusing on One Subject while Diversifying into Many Selective Courses

    Take humanities for example. Besides Chinese, a basic subject, Hongwen provides selective Chinese classics courses, like ancient poetry (for culturing qualities) as well as music, chess, calligraphy and painting (for culturing aesthetics appreciation ability). The courses help the students lay a sound foundation for high school studies and the matriculation exam. Besides, they help improve Chinese for those who want to study overseas.   


Mega-science: Different Pedagogical Methods for Different Subjects

Take STEM for example. STEM is a very popular educational concept in line with our mega-science concept. We use original textbooks, teaching aids and curricula adopted in the United States, where the STEM concept originated. 


All-around Art Education: One Talent and Multiple Experiences

Sport options include tennis, swimming, archery, boxing, golf, fencing, baseball and more, which help the students develop strong physique and cultivate sport talents.

In terms of art, Hongwen provides the students with all-around education, ranging broadly across drama, musical drama, dancing, vocal music and instrumental music.


Four-Stage Education Scheme

Education for Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior Middle School and Senior Middle School

Hongwen pursues a philosophy of all-around education for kindergarten, primary school, junior middle school and senior middle school education.

Primary school education focuses on qualities while leveraging knowledge for the development of their hobbies and talents.

Junior middle school education focuses on taste by combining humanism with science ethos, and strengthen the students’ hobbies, strong points and theoretical research ability so that they acquire intelligence and confidence as their qualities mature.  


Multiple Resources & Support

Education resources, Medical Resources, Practice Resources and Logistics Resources

In the future, Hongwen students will hopefully share FAR EAST HORIZON’s resources in terms of education experts, medical care, business associates and society. Off-campus field courses will be developed.

    The students will likely enjoy off-campus field courses in 5A-class tourist attractions, ports, industrial facilities in cooperation with FAR EAST HORIZON as well as FAR EAST HORIZON’s overseas schools.


It’s worth mentioning that Hongwen will utilize the professional, standardized logistics resources of FAR EAST HORIZON headquarters to make sure of property management, security, board and campus vegetation. Hongwen will work against the exactingly high standards of FAR EAST HORIZON headquarters to ensure healthy diet and a positive learning environment for the students. Hongwen will make every effort to care about its students.


OK. Do you wanna a try after knowing so much about Hongwen?

We look forward to your visit on Nov. 17 and Nov. 24.