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Campus Food Safety: Why to Depend on FAR EAST HORIZON?

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2018-11-06

Two groups of uninvited guests surprised FAR EAST HORIZON’s flagship school

Two groups of uninvited guests surprised Hongwen School, FAR EAST HORIZON’s flagship school near Shanghai Disneyland, early in the morning of Oct. 23. These were inspectors from Pudong Bureau of Education and Pudong Food and Drug Administration. 


Inspectors surprised an all-around check of the mess hall, dining hall and kitchen.


Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai Food and Drug Administration have been paying high regard to campus food safety as it draws attention once more from the society. Authorities have surprised extremely exacting checks many times.


Good schools have good mess hall that stands up to any “surprise attack”


Following a systematic all-around check, authorities were assured of the dependability of food safety levels of the school in the eyes of students and parents. Commended for “good equipment, good management and clear tags”, the mess hall got a Green Smile Label, standing for the highest honor.


High recognition from competent authorities is symbolic of what FAR EAST HORIZON gets from persistence in detail management at all levels, including the subsidiary level


FAR EAST HORIZON has been struggling to excel in food safety in the firm belief that a good, reassuring brand lies not in fame, but responsibility, scientific planning and management and maximization of routine detail management.


FAR EAST HORIZON’s confidence to ensure campus food safety

As a leading innovative financial firm, FAR EAST HORIZON is long known as an exemplar in risk control. Since its foundation nearly two decades ago, FAR EAST HORIZON has clung to the philosophy that a great cause starts from detail. Staffers make every effort to systematize and coordinate strategic management while bringing day-to-day management to perfection. 

FAR EAST HORIZON is dabbling in medical care and education these years because it’s fully aware of what such services signify to people’s life and safety. A good investor must be a very astute and responsible risk manager. 

FAR EAST HORIZON is fully aware that personal development of students overrides any other school operations-connected concerns. Each and every family cares for children most of all, so we’re under the great responsibility to do the same.



We don’t dare slack off a bit. At all the operations levels we do what we do in the Headquarters to apply risk control measures and scientific management philosophies, including perfectionism and routine detail management. We are confident to ensure food safety and reassure students and parents. 

Authorities were satisfied with the results of the surprise check. It was FAR EAST HORIZON’s robust detail management that helped the school make it on FAR EAST HORIZON platform.


FAR EAST HORIZON’s proprietary logistics support delights children and reassures parents

As for education, FAR EAST HORIZON is impassioned to forge a truly well-reputed quality education brand by pursue the aim of “Student-centered, integration of East and West and Elite Education”. In doing so, FAR EAST HORIZON deems property management and board to be equally as important as quality education. 

  The notion of the campus, in the view of FAR EAST HORIZON, is not only a school where children have knowledge to learn, but also an amusement park where they have safety, health and pleasure, where they are reassured and cared for, an where they are stimulated to develop interests, skills and creations. 



Logistics support is becoming increasingly an important variable to assess the excellence of a school. That’s why FAR EAST HORIZON motivates its schools to forge unique logistics support capabilities, which is one of the most strategic steps in its education cause.




First, the creative measure is separating the logistics unit from the education unit. Education resources and logistics resources, running in parallel, are subject to intensive management so as to avoid confusion.

Logistics support is then entrusted to such specialized platforms as property management companies and caterers owned by the schools. A vertical management structure reaches the property management and food needs of all FAR EAST HORIZON schools.

The measure makes it easier for headteachers to divert attention from logistics to educational affairs and care for students. Meanwhile, logistics will be made more specialized, standardized and efficient.

Second, the management system and standards of the Headquarters are applied to the various subordinate platforms to realize routine detail management.

In order to reassure parents to the utmost satisfaction, the Headquarters applies its management system, principles and criteria to the caterers and property management companies in the interests of a standardized, regulated and controlled logistics support system, the service of which is to be shared by all schools.



FAR EAST HORIZON has succeeded in applying its relentless pursuit of routine detail management systemically to logistics management, thereby launching food ingredient standards, food safety standards, safety inspection standards and safety control standards. FAR EAST HORIZON schools are entitled to food and property management services as good as the Headquarters.


The source of food ingredients is one case in point. Large suppliers under the Headquarters have registered, high-quality and reliable supply chains in compliance with strict standards and requirements. Apart from cereals, oils and meat from COFCO, a Fortune 500 company, there’s fresh aquatic food from Zhoushan as well as greens, fruit and meat from Chongming’s private farms.


As for safety standards, there’s an all-around food safety system covering procurement, warehousing, quality and hygiene and involving a whole range of processes, i.e. procurement, inventory, carving, cooking, sampling, preparation, packaging and serving. FAR EAST HORIZON makes each step and process traceable to the relevant standards and procedures.


As for safety inspection, there is in place an all-around safety inspection system comprising the shareholder, government and parents. The school conducts self-inspection regularly for immediate improvements, including a weekly Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting. FAR EAST HORIZON, as the shareholder, surprises inspections periodically. Complaints can be filed directly with the Headquarters and the society. Whenever they like, parents can visit the class, mess hall and kitchen in person to experience food service. It’s safe to say that food safety on campus is subject to the inspection of innumerable eyes.

Teamwork is of vital importance since quality relies on a solid team. In order to build a solid logistics team, the Headquarters implements very stringent special requirements for the kitchen staff. Consisting mostly of cooks from star hotels or large caterers, the team takes up kitchen management with professionalism and responsibility.


In the near future, we expect to tell parents with full confidence not to worry about school food because FAR EAST HORIZON has come up with the optimal solution.