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FAR EAST HORIZON Campus Recruitment Meeting: A Platform for Individual Development

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2018-11-08

Since early October, FAR EAST HORIZON’s campus recruitment meetings, like a boiling pan of rainbow noodles, have been in full swing for an unwitting month.


FAR EAST HORIZON staffers have been circulating among domestic college campuses during the month, releasing job openings with good benefits and salary.


Campus meetings are overcrowded as schoolmates busy themselves with queuing up to deliver résumés, attending the career talk and filling in application forms.


A recruitment meeting at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


A recruitment meeting at Shanghai Jiaotong University 


While FAR EAST HORIZON staffers are almost too busy to distract their attention, they get more motivation from earnest-looking schoolmates and wholehearted devotion to FAR EAST HORIZON.


An interview at Northeastern University


An interview at Tianjin University of Finance and Economics


FAR EAST HORIZON has held interviews in as more as 15 universities in the past month. So far, 2,500 résumés have been received through site interviews and online application.


Busied day and night with running through the attractive résumés of excellent students, FAR EAST HORIZON staffers can’t help recalling their old generation who also joined FAR EAST HORIZON through campus recruitment meetings. 


Their first lesson at FAR EAST HORIZON was a series of systematic training programs known as professional canons. In the industry’s version of “Whampoa Military Academy”, they were able to get oriented and master professional skills, which is an unforgettable page of the memory of innumerable FAR EAST HORIZON staffers.



Undergrads who graduated as green hands underwent very intensive training that transitioned them into professionals by building up character and abilities. Looking back, they got deeper insights into FAR EAST HORIZON’s appeal as “an army, a school and a family”.  




The fast growth of FAR EAST HORIZON provides excellent undergrads with more personal opportunities. A host of undergrads have succeeded in achieving excellence on the platform of FAR EAST HORIZON. As the core force of the FAR EAST HORIZON units and the industry, they have realized their personal dreams while contributing to the society.


Sticking together, FAR EAST HORIZON staffers take aim at one goal.


At FAR EAST HORIZON, your gains are in proportion to your pains, regardless of tenure, age, years with the Company and education. You always get opportunities and motivation as long as you have capability and dreams.


FAR EAST HORIZON is a large family where people motivate, venerate one another and have respect for old people. Apart from the wage and benefit package relieving staffers from concern, FAR EAST HORIZON grants allowance to their parents periodically by way of filial piety and reassurance of both.


FAR EAST HORIZON wishes you got a good pick and exhibit your excellence to the full extent in the subsequent written exams and interviews. Just wait for our offer!