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Executives from the 4th Training Session of FAR EAST HORIZON Xingzhi Institute Visited Yunnan Baiyao Group

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2018-11-01

Foreword: In 2018, Far East Horizon (FAR EAST HORIZON) Transportation undertakes the important mission of returning to industries, exploring the way and sticking to the original intention. In order to fully cover industrial customers and enhance brand awareness, FAR EAST HORIZON Transportation has built a value-added service platform called Xingzhi Institute for customers, gathered together think tanks both inside and outside the industry, comprehensively boosted industrial upgrading, and practiced the service concept of “being sensitive to knowledge, being good at doing, and integrating knowledge with practice”.

On October 19, 2018, Xingzhi Institute of FAR EAST HORIZON Transportation organized excellent enterprises to visit Yunnan Baiyao Group. They visitedits Centennial History Museum, Intelligent Logistics Center and Automated Production Line and learned its advanced management concepts in the areas of agriculture, forestry and logistics. A total of 29 executives in the fields of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, green ecology, transportation facilities, transportation, material trade, wholesale and retail, logistics and real estate were invited to take part in the activity.


At the beginning of the event, Yu Weibin, Assistant to Director of Marketing Integrated Department of FAR EAST HORIZON Transportation and Logistics Division, delivered an opening speech to welcome participants from a far, and introduced the original intention of organizing a senior management seminar of FAR EAST HORIZON Xingzhi Institute.

Visiting Logistics Center and Automated Production Line: Keep Improving and Pursue Excellence

At the first leg of the visit, the trainees came to the Baiyao Logistics Center, which occupies an area of 36,000 square meters. It could store 300,000 boxes of medicine, with an average daily output of 40,000 boxes. Annual sales reach over 10 billion yuan. However, there were only less than 10 operators on the whole production line. The most amazing thing is that it is not only the largest single combination preparation factory and the largest pharmaceutical commercial logistics center in China, but also responsible for all the medical circulation into and out of Yunnan.

The FAR EAST HORIZON Financing Office Shares views on Macroeconomic Situation: Exclusive Viewpoint, High Resonance

Nowadays, the situation at home and abroad is complex, and economic and industrial trends have attracted much attention. Sun Sheng, Assistant to Director of Fixed Income Department of Financing Office, was invited. Sun talked a lot from the macroeconomic environment to the domestic financial market, from the financing strategies of enterprises under the new trend to innovative financial solutions combing industry and finance.She combined her professional experience and industry understanding accumulated over the years, offered a unique and profound lecture, which aroused the resonance of all the students on the spot.


Interactions at the Graduation Ceremony: Integration of Knowledge and Practice with Full Harvest

At the graduation ceremony, Wang Xiufeng, Assistant to Director of FAR EAST HORIZON Transportation District 12, expressed sincere thanks to the participants and expressed his wish to strengthen cooperation. Wang Xiufeng pointed out that this event is intended to promote in-depth cooperation in the fields of industrial integration, transformation and upgrading, equity investment, and ultimately achieve complementary advantages and coordinated development. In this regard, the participants unanimously expressed that although they are in different industries, there is common ground for business management and development. Learning from excellent enterprises can not only broaden our horizons, but also enable us to apply acquired experience and knowledge to the development of enterprises. Thanks to the Xingzhi Institute, more enterprises can get to know each other. We hope to continue to work hand in hand with the Far East Horizon for common development in the future.


In this rapidly changing era of 2018, the “Xingzhi Institute" of FAR EAST HORIZON Transportation can build such a deeply linked platform for business partners. This is not only the practice of the mission of "gathering global resources and helping Chinese industries" of FAR EAST HORIZON, but also the expression of the determination of the FAR EAST HORIZON Transportation to make industries grow and prosper.