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Far East Horizon Company Party Committee Launches Education on Honesty and Anti-corruption for Managers

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-07-25

In order to respond to the relevant requirements of the Party Central Committee and the higher-level Party Committee on the construction of a clean and honest government, implement the instructions that the cadre team should be "loyal, clean and responsible" and conform to the "Three Strict and Three Honests" principles, and continue to maintain steady development under the current external economic situation, recently, Far East Horizon Party Committee and the Discipline Inspection Commission jointly launched a clean and honest education campaign for all managers of the company in batches. Through carrying out warning education, sharing typical criminal cases, issuing the detailed rules of "Ten Rules of Management Regulations" and carrying out the first "Management Regulations Learning Seminar", etc., we will strengthen managers' sense of crisis and self-discipline, correct values, put an end to laziness and inaction, and enhance the development efficiency of the company.



1. Warning education in prisons

Crime is not far from everyone.

Qingpu prison of Shanghai has deprived criminals of their freedom and dignity, and the towering walls have separated them from countless regrets and nostalgia.

Recently, in the activity room of Qingpu prison, a middle-aged prisoner (formerly an executive of a state-owned enterprise in Shanghai) who once thought that he could not commit a crime told the middle-level managers of more than 40 business departments and functional departments of Far East Horizon who came to visit and learn about his gradual degeneration and repentance. Due to negligence of self-request, the man who was in power gradually developed from accepting gifts from suppliers to accepting bribes and occupying positions, and was finally sentenced to 8 years in prison for a large amount of corruption.


△Outside scene of Qingpu prison 

During this visit and study, the managers of Far East Horizon gained a lot of insights by listening to the personal repentance and sharing of senior prison officials in Qingpu Prison, learning the warning report made by the Party Committee of Qingpu Prison, and visiting prison dormitories, labor workshops, mental health guidance centers, prison education achievement exhibitions, etc.

How to correct the values, resist the invasion of greed, laziness and other evil natures, and truly realize that the cadre team should be "loyal, clean and responsible" and "strict to cultivate one's morality, strict to use power and strict to discipline oneself"; The requirements of “honesty in planning, starting a business, and being an honest person “are not only the cultivation of managers, but also the important premise for a firm to operate steadily under the leadership of the Party committee. The long-term stability of an enterprise fundamentally depends on whether the enterprise values are positive or not, and whether the behavior of the cadres is clean.


△Inside scene of Qingpu prison

2. Share typical criminal cases

Management inaction is the greatest man-made disaster.

The company pointed out that management inaction is the biggest man-made disaster. From a certain point of view, the role of managers is to prevent all kinds of "evil" on behalf of the company. Inaction is to allow the "evil" that should have been contained to be indulged. This is the source of management that causes violations of laws and disciplines, and is the biggest man-made disaster for the enterprise.

To this end, the Far East Horizon Commission for Discipline Inspection has prepared a report for managers entitled "Management Inaction Is the Greatest Man-made Disaster". The report takes "loyalty, cleanness, responsibility" and "Three Stricts and Three Honests" as evaluation criteria, and analyzes typical cases of illegal crimes from the perspective of management, including cases of false invoices, bribery, contract fraud, job embezzlement and other economic crimes.


The report tells us that duty crime is close to us. It not only brings about the personal cost of a few people being jailed and their families being broken up, but also the public cost of the majority being damaged and the company being victimized.

From the perspective of management, these crimes are caused by the inaction of the managers, including the lack of process management for subordinates who only talk about performance, the poor demonstration of ambiguous views on right and wrong, the absence of investigation and research, the absence of bad things but only good things, and other phenomena such as bureaucracy and formalism.



Through this report, the Far East Commission for Discipline Inspection warned the managers of the company that they should neither "listen to the story" with an onlooker mentality nor stop at just taking care of their own behavior. The managers should assume the entrusted responsibilities entrusted by the company and must fully perform their management duties. Doing nothing is equal to committing crimes, which will eventually harm people, themselves and the company.


3. Promulgating the Detailed Rules of "Ten Rules of Military Regulations for Managers"

Clarify the core values of the management team

How to improve and optimize the values and behaviors of managers so that the company can continue to develop steadily? Far East Horizon, based on the spiritual essence of "loyalty, cleanness, responsibility" and "Three Stricts and Three Honests", has come up with "Ten Rules of Military Regulations for Managers" and has put forward a series of requirements on managers' values, integrity bottom line, professional ethics, professionalism, work style, employment orientation, evaluation principles, team atmosphere, mind structure and personal morality. It also publicizes the detailed rules of the "Ten Rules of Military Regulations for Managers" in order to specify the requirements of the general regulations, so that managers can have laws to follow, internalize them and show them in appearance.


The "Military Regulations for Managers" and its detailed rules clearly define the values advocated and prohibited by the Far East. On this basis, the corresponding objective behavior evaluation standards are refined and will be gradually applied to the evaluation of managers, so that both values and performance become two important criteria for determining the promotion and demotion of managers, giving more encouragement and affirmation to managers with "double excellence" in performance and values, improving the effectiveness of managers in performing their duties, and reducing the company's operational risks.



4. Managers should have both ability and moral integrity

Study and Discussion on "Ten Rules of Military Regulations for Managers"

For the company's well-intentioned arrangements, the participating managers conducted in-depth study and heated discussions, and reached the following consensus:



Crime is very close to everyone.

During the visit to the prison, it was noticed that many economic criminals had done jobs similar to those of the Far East. They were versatile and had excellent calligraphy and painting skills. The reason for the crime was also the familiar fake invoices, fake contracts, job occupation, etc. Yesterday, they were highly respected by their colleagues and proud of their relatives and friends. Today, they may become prisoners and associate with condemned criminals and felons.


Put an end to "inaction" and upgrade management practices

Managers should lead by example, take the lead in all kinds of work and put an end to "inaction". In practice, process management should be strengthened, including optimizing scientific evaluation system, strengthening fine management, ambulatory management and investigative management, to ensure that managers can "know everything" and not "fool" about areas and subordinates. Only by "grasping the essence, controlling the overall situation and carefully controlling the process" can management keep its work and career on a stable track.



To strengthen the application of the "Regulations for Managers", personnel should have both ability and moral integrity.

In the final analysis, the timely promulgation of the "Regulations for Managers" stems from the upgrading of the company's value system. The sustainable development of an enterprise requires not only reasonable governance system, but also a set of healthy, positive and specific values system to attract like-minded employees to join in the cause and prevent or exclude inappropriate personnel. The value system of the Far East requires "both morality and diligence, and practicing the spirit of the Far East". In other words, both "talents" and "morality" are required.


5. Play an exemplary and leading role

As a manager, it is especially important to have a sense of crisis.

Through this campaign to educate the Party's work style and clean government, the Far East Party Committee once again warned managers and employees:

Managers must play an exemplary and leading role, become excellent practitioners of corporate culture, and set an example for the team.

Strengthening the supervision of party members, leading cadres and even all leading cadres is the obligation to do a good job in management. Preventing job-related crimes and promoting honest employment are effective ways to realize the supervision of cadres. The company will improve its supervision system, firmly safeguard its assets and protect the hard work of all Far Eastern people. Managers at all levels should keep in line with the Party Central Committee and higher-level Party committees in thought and action, keep in line with the company's strategy, play an exemplary and leading role, and contribute their wisdom and strength to the Party, the country and the company.