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Direction of Far East Horizon Industrial Operation Upgrade Expand Industrial Capacity and Enhance Comprehensive Strength

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-07-26


"Our big family is full of talents now!"

Recently, Kong fanxing, vice chairman, executive director and chief executive officer of Far East Horizon Board of Directors, said heartily when investigating Zhengzhou Renji Hospital, a subsidiary of the Group.


Medical staff to help the dead and heal the wounded, construction craftsmen to keep improving, teachers to teach and educate, etc. Over the years, the Far East Horizon, which "bases itself on leasing, walks out of leasing" and adheres to the development strategy of "finance+industry", has not only financial talents from all over the world, but also industrial talents from all over the world.


Why can Far East Horizon, which started with finance, attract industrial talents from all over the world? What are the group's unique views on the operating entity industry? Last time we shared "Far East Horizon Tell You: The Key to Industrial Upgrading Is to Enhance" Connotation ". The answer is: only by combining internal and external training can we achieve a steady and far-reaching goal. Today, let's continue to follow in the footsteps of President Kong fanxing and talk about the external pattern of the Far East Horizon industry's continuous "extensibility".


What people all have, we can do the best.

Understanding Industry Needs and Extending Service Ability

"As part of the infrastructure, we should not only provide high-quality turnover materials, but also provide customers with process flow, construction scheme and design concept." In the operating stores of Horizon Construction Development Group located in Xi' an and Zhengzhou, president Kong fanxing expressed his view that the development concept of Far East Horizon in the field of construction equipment engineering should not be limited to asset management itself, "our competitiveness should exceed the scope of assets".


At present, as a comprehensive equipment operation service provider in the construction field of Far East Horizon, Horizon Construction Development Group is gradually penetrating into all directions in the construction field along the entire construction industry chain, making continuous progress in design capability, construction capability and service capability. Through resource integration, one-stop solutions covering equipment leasing, engineering construction, agency sales, spare parts sales, second-hand disposal, maintenance and re-manufacturing are provided to meet the increasing service demand of customers in the construction industry.



As one of the representatives of Horizon Construction Development Group's green, environmental protection and economic characteristics, precision steel support is widely used in underground pipe network foundation pit, high-speed rail, highway bearing platform foundation pit and other project fields due to its low cost, easy construction, high safety and other characteristics. On this basis, the group explored the needs of customers, with excellent production design and construction capabilities, designed a variety of subdivision products for different soils and different pit depths, reduced the costs of owners, constructors and contractors, improved the construction efficiency and optimized the project quality.


Today, Horizon Construction Development Group has abandoned the simple concept of price war. "Equipment operation is a lever to leverage the industry!" According to the requirements of president Kong fanxing, the company will further follow the development rules of the industry, optimize products, strengthen capabilities, and truly realize what president Kong fanxing said: "we have what others don't have, and we are the best what others have."


Unity is strength.

Collectivization Promotes Specialized Collaboration

As one of the earliest hospitals admitted under Far East Horizon, Zhengzhou Renji Hospital is already famous for its discipline ability, management efficiency and public reputation.

When President Kong fanxing surveyed Zhengzhou Renji Hospital, Hospital President Hou jianxi introduced that after joining Far East Horizon Medical and Health Group, the hospital's business volume last year increased by nearly 30% over the previous year. Its cases of saving lives and helping the wounded were repeatedly reported by CCTV and other mainstream media. In 2017, Hospital President Hou jianxi was even invited to attend the World Orthopaedics Conference to speak for the country and attract global attention.

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CCTV Reports Zhengzhou Renji Hospital Successfully Implements Rare Cases of Replantation of Broken Fingers in the World

In President Hou's view, the development of Zhengzhou Renji Hospital benefited from the "group support" provided by Far East Horizon. The hospital obtained more resources in discipline construction, operation management, academic exchange, personnel training and other aspects to promote the realization of refined, information-based and intelligent medical services. The group headquarters has brought in advanced ideas and practical experience through vertical specialization, and the hospital operation continues to improve.



By the end of 2018, Far East Horizon has 54 medical institutions with nearly 20,000 beds, ranking first in the list of social medical institutions in China. The platform effect brought by such a large scale is helping Zhengzhou Renji Hospital to improve its system and develop more rapidly. When reporting to President Kong fanxing, Hospital President Hou jianxi said that Far East Horizon has given its subordinate platforms far more than financial support. The advanced management mode it has given and the large-scale effect and professional synergy it has brought to the industry are precisely the "hard strength" that has made Far East Horizon popular and outstanding.


"I hope that with the help of the platform of Far East Horizon, knowledgeable and ideal entrepreneurial teams can get together, share resources, learn from each other, make up for deficiencies and give full play to their strengths, thus forming greater convergence and influence." President Kong fanxing pointed out that in the future, more teams with dreams and pursuits like Zhengzhou Renji Hospital are expected to come together to effectively supplement China's public medical system and contribute to China's medical industry.


Win-win cooperation

Gathering and integrating resources of all parties to discover and create more value

Deep participation in industry is bound to be a road that needs to be adhered to for a long time. In the view of President Kong fanxing, the operation industry is not "rigidly working", but needs to integrate resources of all parties and create value for all parties.



The integration of resources starts with sharing and intercommunication within the group. For example, the industrial business platform and the financial business platform within the group can mutually explore customers with high coincidence degree; Workers in the group's construction direction can be guaranteed medical treatment by its medical industry platform. Engineering construction in its schools and other educational fields can be provided with technical support from the construction direction. This is not only an extension of the industry, but also a more efficient operation of industrial resources.


The integration of resources also requires the support of all social parties. When investigating Xi 'an Turnover Stores of Horizon Construction Development Group, President Kong fanxing said that technological innovation should be paid attention to in the construction of industrial operations. Such innovation needs to be jointly researched and developed with institutions such as universities and research institutes. Far East Horizon has the ability and capacity to help universities' scientific research go to market and help more college students go to work. The modes of "school-enterprise linkage" and "government-enterprise linkage" can not only effectively activate resources, but also create a win-win situation.


stay true to the mission

Shoulder the Important Task of Development and Help Industry Upgrade

Far East Horizon adheres to the development strategy of "finance+industry" and has always focused on basic industries related to the national economy and carried out comprehensive services. This kind of comprehensive service is always based on the needs of the industry and customers, and is manifested in various forms such as service industry (financial service), participation industry (industrial investment) and operation industry (independent industrial operation). Therefore, unlike traditional investment institutions, Far East Horizon's industrial operation focuses on far more than financial value, but regards the industry as a "century-old foundation" for the development of the company and even the country.


For many years, Far East Horizon has always regarded boosting industrial upgrading as its own duty, and has striven to organically combine the economic benefits of industrial development with social responsibility:

The direction of medical treatment is to actively follow up the national strategy of "Healthy China", respond to the call of the state to "no serious illness can leave the county", adjust high-quality medical resources to the cities and counties with the scarcest resources and the most vigorous demand, and by constructing the development model of "three ones" (one system, one network and one hospital), bring high-level nearby medical services to the broad masses of the people and become an effective supplement to the public medical system.

The direction of construction is to keep pace with the demand for efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment operation services of large-scale national infrastructure projects in the post-construction era. The Group is constantly committed to introducing and developing high-tech and integrated equipment engineering operation service capabilities to serve infrastructure construction in major cities across the country and effectively improve construction efficiency.

In the direction of education, facing the demand of Chinese families for high-level and high-quality education, we will strive to provide K-12 high-quality elite education with both international vision and Chinese cultural heritage.

Facing the future, Far East Horizon will continue to adhere to the development mission of "gathering global resources to promote Chinese industries" and strive to fulfill the development goal of "vigorously shaping excellent enterprises" to create more value for all sectors of society.