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Far East Horizon has won Forbes Global 2000 for three consecutive years, striving to achieve leapfrog development.

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-07-29

Recently, the US Forbes 2019 "Top 2000 Listed Companies in the World" Ranking List was newly released, arousing great concern from the global business community. Far East Horizon once again made the list and moved 123 places up from 1551 last year to 1428 this year. This is the third year that Far East Horizon has won the top 2000 global listed companies.


With the gradual deepening of China's reform and opening up, China's economic development is also gradually upgrading. After more than 10 years of rapid development, the matching financial industry has entered a new stage of increased competition and differentiation, with opportunities and challenges coexisting. Under this environment, Far East Horizon has been actively welcoming the wave in recent years. With its unique "finance+industry" business model, it has increasingly developed into an integrated industrial operation service provider that organically and effectively combines industry and finance, serving customers to continuously promote the development of the industry and continuously improving its management connotation and strength.


Far East Horizon Has Been on Forbes' Top 2000 List for Three Years

Far East Horizon Delivers Brilliant Report Card



It is understood that Forbes magazine selects the "Top 2000 Listed Companies in the World" every year. The list is regarded as one of the most authoritative and most concerned business enterprise lists in the world. The ranking is based on a comprehensive score of operating income, profits, assets and market value.


In this year's ranking list, the momentum of Chinese enterprises continues to be strong, showing the environmental characteristics of the accelerated rise of Chinese enterprises. Among the top ten "teams", five Chinese enterprises have been shortlisted, accounting for half of the total. In addition, some potential Chinese listed companies are also quietly making efforts, of which Far East Horizon is one.

From 1617 in 2017 to 1551 in 2018 and 1428 in 2019, Far East Horizon has been on Forbes' 2000 list of global listed companies for three consecutive years, striving to achieve leapfrog development every year.


In the past year, the global political and economic environment has experienced ups and downs. As an important engine of the world economy, China is also in a critical period of accelerating industrial upgrading. Under such a complicated and changeable situation, Far East Horizon has handed over a brilliant "report card"-operating income and net profit attributable to shareholders for the whole year of 2018 have maintained double-digit growth.

Far East Horizon's first quarter report of 2019 also showed that as of March 31 this year, the Group had maintained steady operation, sustained growth in operating income, healthy and stable asset status, and complete risk control and guarantee capabilities. In financial business, net interest margin and net interest rate of return have increased compared with the level of 2018. Industrial operation direction: during the period, the operating income increased significantly, ranking first in the domestic social capital medical service in the medical and health industry, the scale of equipment in the construction industry ranked among the top 100 in the world, and the education industry continued to open up the K-12 high-end quality education system.


Focus on Real Industry

"Finance+Industry" Business Model Has Significant Effect


As one of the representatives of China's innovative financial enterprises, Far East Horizon has been continuously exploring innovative finance, especially playing a leading role in the development of China's financial leasing industry. Data show that various types of financial leasing companies have mushroomed in China, increasing from less than 1,000 to 11,000, with a business scale of over 6 trillion yuan, providing financial services to the real economy in many fields. At the same time of the rapid development of the industry, the current economic background is becoming increasingly complex, and the difficulty and risks for enterprises to operate their business are increasing, bringing many challenges to the enterprises involved.


In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Far East Horizon has gone out of its own way-a business model of effective coordination between financial business and industrial operation, namely the "finance+industry" model. In short, the company conducts its business according to industrial division of labor. Through rich experience accumulated in providing comprehensive financial products and services for industrial customers in the past 20 years, Far East Horizon has further expanded its direction of industrial investment and industrial operation in recent years, focusing on industries with long-term development potential such as medical treatment, construction and education, thus forming differentiated and one-stop comprehensive service advantages from finance to industry.

In other words, Far East Horizon's "finance+industry" business model is different from the traditional practice of financial institutions to carry out business by region. The company has always focused on industry, distributed its business in a number of physical industries, and carried out its business with a comprehensive service method that is highly consistent with the characteristics of industrial customers.


Based on the unique business model of the "finance+industry" company, the number of customers engaged in Far East Horizon's operation and service has remained at a relatively high level in the industry. By the end of 2018, the company had focused on seven major industrial fields: medical and health care, construction, education, people's livelihood and consumption, industry and equipment, transportation and logistics, and urban public utilities, with more than 150,000 industrial customers. At the same time, the C-side business, represented by hospital operation and K-12 education operation, has a population of 100 million in its service area.

Seeking Opportunities in Innovation and Change

Further Enhance Global Influence



    Past honors and achievements are only the beginning. With the company's continuous efforts in financial innovation and its continuous assistance to real industries, Far East Horizon is expected to gain more attention and recognition in the process of economic development in China and even in the world. Its confidence comes from the fact that Far East Horizon is a company characterized by innovation and innovation. After nearly 20 years of development, Far East Horizon has found a suitable path for its own development in the innovation and transformation. Through continuous innovation of products and improvement of service capabilities, Far East Horizon's industrial adhesion and market influence are increasing day by day. It will continue to work hard to realize its corporate mission of "gathering global resources and promoting Chinese industries".