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Far East Horizon Fills the Gap in Medical Care for Medium and High-end Women and Children in the Region

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-07-29

The birth of life is happiness, is a family event, and is also the arduous transformation of women. They deserve more care. However, the other side of the truth is that a large number of expectant mothers have to queue up, make extra beds in the ward corridor, have to be discharged from the hospital after a day of natural childbirth, and spend money in the confinement center to suffer. Since the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy, the shortage of high-quality medical service resources has troubled many maternity families.

How can mothers-to-be and their families, who should have received more care, no longer suffer from "childbirth difficulties" and "childbirth pains"?

Far East Horizon has made active efforts to this end, and the solution we have given is to make every effort to create a "Hongyue" brand for women and children in the field of medical and health care and to bring personalized "gentle childbirth" maternity experience to Chinese women.


All-round Connection of High-quality Medical Resources

At present, Far East Horizon has set up 4 medium and high-end Hongyue Women and Children's Specialized Hospitals nationwide. The construction mode of these hospitals is: to sign medical association agreements with large local public hospitals, to become member units, to carry out technical cooperation and other forms of close cooperation, to achieve regional resource sharing, complementary advantages, and to fill the gaps in regional high-end women's and children's medical institutions.

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Through the integration and allocation of resources, Hongyue Hospital fully enjoys the technical support of public hospitals, establishes a green referral channel with local top-level hospitals, and well-known obstetrics and gynecology experts in China visit hospitals from time to time.

In addition, Hongyue itself has brought together a famous doctor team headed by Professor Duan Tao, the chief expert of Far East Horizon Medical and Health Group's department of women and children and the former president of Shanghai's First Hospital of Women and Infants. Young and middle-aged elites in the medical team also have rich working experience in the top hospitals.


"The doctors here are basically from big hospitals, including some famous experts I know, so they feel professional and reliable," commented a customer of Hongyue Hospital. The trust from the heart of the customer is the best affirmation of Hongyue's "safety first" medical commitment.


One-stop Family Service to Solve Medical Problems

Here, various problems of "difficult production" and "painful production" will be solved one by one. Hongyue Hospital devotes itself to creating "one-stop family maternity service from gestation to postpartum" which is significantly different from the traditional delivery mode;


To solve the problem of shortage of personnel

Doctors implement a consistent system of the whole process. A "many-to-one" service team composed of chief diagnosis experts, operating doctors, anesthesiologists, senior nurses, maternal and infant nurse practitioner, postpartum rehabilitation specialists, and exclusive consultants meets the needs of women of childbearing age for full-cycle medical services from physical examination, pregnancy preparation, prenatal examination (diagnosis), delivery to postpartum rehabilitation.


 To solve the problem of shortage of hospital beds

The hospital has introduced an international standard LDRP maternity and rest integrated ward, so that the whole process of expectant mothers, delivery and postpartum recovery does not need to be transferred, and the whole family can welcome new life in a warmer and more private environment.


 Linking up "Postpartum Rest"

"Hongyue's service is better than that of public hospitals, and its professionalism is better than that of maternity center!" The simplest and most straightforward words of lying-in women reveal the demand that is often ignored by people-professional and comfortable postpartum recuperation. In the still critical post-partum period, there is no need to transfer everywhere. Safe and reliable medical technology provides all-round and uninterrupted monitoring guarantee for parturients and newborns.


 Relying on the resources and management of Far East Horizon Group, Hongyue Hospital adopts the concept of international operation, builds in accordance with JCI standards of international hospitals, integrates international cutting-edge technologies, and has a first-class medical environment, first-class supporting services and first-class humanistic medical service experience.



Hongyue Hospital Participating in German Rhine Medical Certification


The characteristic concept of "gentle delivery" has gradually gained popularity.

In Hongyue Hospital, there is no crowding and apathy. Instead, there is kindness and respect like family members. The hospital has customized a personalized delivery plan for each pregnant woman so that the whole process of pre-pregnancy, in-pregnancy, waiting for delivery, delivery and post-partum is full of human care, creating a safer, more professional and more humane quality medical service experience.


"I think the concept of gentle delivery is very good, and the whole process of labor is smooth without great pressure."

"What I have learned more is the concept of meticulous warmth, individuation and emphasis on natural childbirth."

"Kind, warm, like family."

"The whole process pays more attention to the mother's state. Hongyue will make the parturient enjoy the whole delivery process safely and comfortably."

-they said so


Discipline Construction Continues to Advance Deeper


The brand of "Hongyue" women and children first appeared in Huangshi in 2017 and entered Jinhua in 2019. In two years, four medium and high-end women and children specialized hospitals under Far East Horizon have been built one after the other. The "holy gardenia" symbolizing the "gentle power" will bloom in more regions of the country.


The Group's Gentle Delivery Teaching Demonstration Base, Gynecological Endoscopy Teaching Demonstration Base and Reproductive Endocrine Teaching Demonstration Base have been built one after another in Hongyue Hospital. The synergy between disciplines and specialties is increasingly prominent, and the integrated development of disciplines can be promoted in depth.


With the continuous promotion of collectivization strategy, Far East Horizon's strong resource integration ability in the direction of women's and children's medical discipline construction has also benefited more hospitals. By the end of 2018, the group has 54 hospitals with a total of nearly 20,000 beds. more than half of the hospitals have gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics, with more than 1,200 beds in their departments. the Far East Horizon medical system is increasingly rich in the field of women and children.


In the future, Far East Horizon will strive to create the brand of "Hongyue" for women and children, and is committed to continuously transferring the advanced conception of maternity, cutting-edge medical technology and considerate quality service to the group's subordinate hospitals in more developing cities so as to bring more women and children with more temperature and quality medical experience.

Hongyue is Far East Horizon's first clinical discipline division in the field of medical health. It is a miniature of the company's focus on the construction of medical discipline system. In fact, Far East Horizon has been closely following the country's strategic layout of "Healthy China" in building its medical and health undertakings. It has always focused on adjusting its advantageous medical resources to regions where the demand for medical resources is strongest but the supply is relatively weak so as to benefit more people for its own development.


In the future, the company will continue to implement the "three ones" hospital management model of "one system, one network and one hospital", integrate internal and external resources, and form a strong professional advantage in disciplines. Based on the rich experience accumulated in the disciplines of women and children, medical diagnosis, kidney disease, orthopaedics, rehabilitation and old-age care, the company will continue to explore and breed the next batch of group disciplines in the fields of general surgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, etc., and eventually form a hospital group with unified standards, data sharing and coordinated resources, striving to become an important supplement to China's public medical industry.