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Far East Horizon Bank-Enterprise Exchange Meeting in 2019 Focused on Industry as Fundamental and was widely praised

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-07-29

The annual Far East Horizon Bank-Enterprise Exchange Meeting is an important bridge to build long-term mutual trust and cooperation between Far East Horizon and its banking partners. This year's bank-enterprise exchange meeting was especially popular-more than 200 bank executives and colleagues from over 70 banks and financial institutions across the country participated in the meeting, setting a new high in scale in recent years.

The upsurge of enthusiasm stems from the continuous growth of Far East Horizon's performance in recent years, and also from the theme of this year's exchange meeting, which is especially worthy of expectation: Far East Horizon's long-term and imminent industrial operation: medical, educational and construction industries will be collectively unveiled to financial institutions for the first time.

On the morning of May 28, the 2019 bank-enterprise exchange meeting of Far East Horizon "Industry as Fundamental, Stability in Progress" was successfully held in Jinmao tower, Shanghai. Around the theme of the conference, Far East Horizon introduced the current "industrial operation" of Far East Horizon from all directions and angles.

Wang mingzhe, executive director and chief financial officer of the company, Shen liwei, general manager of the capital department, Xu wenchao and Zhang quanquan, assistant general manager of the capital department, Chen ziyu, chief financial officer of the hospital group, Ren guofang, chief principal of the education group, Zhang chunyu, general manager of Horizon Construction Development Group, etc. attended the meeting.



The steady development of the Far East has benefited from deep industrial accumulation.

And the resulting high recognition from domestic and foreign financial institutions

Wang mingzhe, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Far East Horizon, delivered a welcome speech at the meeting.

He pointed out that in 2018, the global economy will continue to recover in general, but at the same time, the risks accumulated over a long period of time will be exposed more and the economy will face downward pressure during the transition phase between the old and the new.

In contrast, the Far East Horizon has still achieved steady and rapid development. In the final analysis, this is due to Far East Horizon's long-term adherence to the real industry, deep understanding of the industrial laws, and the formation of a "finance+industry" two-wheel drive development strategy, forming a coordinated and stable development pattern.

The achievement cannot be achieved without the extensive and in-depth cooperation established by many domestic and overseas financial institutions and Far East Horizon in the business field for a long time. Such trust and recognition are more precious than gold.

It was with the full support of financial institutions at home and abroad that the Far East was able to firmly implement the "finance+industry" development strategy and gradually grow from a single financial leasing company to a strategic groups spanning finance and industry.

In the future, Far East Horizon will continue to make steady progress and share development results with all partners.



Stability and Safety of Far East Horizon's Operation

To be continuously consolidated and promoted


Shen Li, General Manager of Far East Horizon Capital Department, made a report on Far East Horizon's 2018 operations.

By the end of 2018, Far East Horizon had a total asset size of 266 billion yuan, a net profit of over 4 billion yuan, a low non-performing rate and a high-quality and efficient development.

In terms of leasing business, the company continued to deepen the subdivision of industries, consolidate the customer base, and steadily increase the size of the customer base and the rate of return.

In terms of innovative business, we insist on "service integration and operation investment banking", with differentiated service advantages highlighted.

In terms of industrial operation, no matter hospitals, schools or operating leases, the connotation of services continues to be rich and the operation capability has been significantly improved.

At the same time, as the foundation of the company's operation, risk management is the most important, continuing the consistent and steady style, with good control effect.



Hospital Group, Education Group, Horizon Construction Development Group:

The three major industries are flourishing


The introduction of Far East Horizon's industrial operation is one of the focuses of this conference. The achievements of industrial operation in recent years are also important highlights of Far East Horizon's future development.

Chen ziyu, chief financial officer of the hospital group, elaborated on the operation and management of Far East's hospitals, creative control system, meticulous management practices and detailed data support, making everyone feel professional strength.

Far East is one of the earliest financial industry comprehensive operation service providers in China focusing on the medical and health field. As of the end of 2018, 54 hospitals have been contracted to operate, with 20,000 beds available, and the scale is at the most advanced level of China's social capital in medical management.

How can such a large but relatively scattered hospital form an integrated and efficient operation and export the highest level of medical technology and services on behalf of the group? Far East creatively put forward an innovative management mode of "one system, one network, one hospital". It fully grafted its own strong management resources and industry resources around disciplines, talents, operations, finance, logistics, information systems and other dimensions, and carried out targeted promotion and management according to different stages of hospital development.

Under the unified discipline division system, although each hospital is located in different regions, has different scales and has different advantages, it follows the same medical and technical standards and management standards, presents an integrated operation situation, and finally is equivalent to "the same hospital" in terms of patients' feelings.




Ren guofang, the chief principal of the Education Group, shared the Far East education concept from three aspects: school-running thinking, school-running orientation and school-running practice, and gained high recognition. The wonderful speech won applause.

At present, the whole chain of K-12 education from kindergarten to international high school has been formed in the Far East. Whether it is more than a dozen excellent kindergartens of "Sensheng Montessori School" spread all over the first and second-tier cities, or Shanghai's flagship school, Hongwen School, which is highly praised, or three international high schools (Qingdao School, Chengdu School, and British National Arts and Sciences Middle School) with students admitted to "Oxford University and Cambridge University" at the same time this year, Far East education can naturally be respected by people without much publicity, and educational philosophy and practice are in the forefront of the industry.

President Ren explained in detail the connotation of "People-oriented, Learning through Chinese and Western Culture, Elite Education", which embodies the sense of mission of Far East education to respect individual humanistic values, integrate the grand world outlook of Chinese and Western culture, and educate people to become talents. President Ren said that "education should lay the foundation for the happiness of students in their whole life" and made everyone here deeply recognize it.

In the specific introduction around Hongwen School, a strong international teaching team, a campus environment full of cultural atmosphere, a rich and varied curriculum system, lively and innovative teaching methods, etc., are especially fascinating.



Zhang chunyu, general manager of Horizon Construction Development Group, gave a comprehensive introduction to its operation. After eight years of development, Horizon Construction Development Group has grown up strong-it has been selected into the top 100 leasing companies in the world, the national high-tech enterprises, the top 30 aerial work platforms in the world, etc. Many identities are amazing. In the Far East system, it is an "invisible giant".

Horizon Construction Development Group is a comprehensive equipment operation service provider set up by Far East Horizon in the construction field, focusing on aerial work vehicles, turnover materials, scaffolding, road equipment, electrical equipment, industrial forklifts and other fields. At present, it has 103 business outlets with total assets of 7 billion yuan and operating income of 1.8 billion yuan. It has been selected as one of the top 100 leasing companies in the world.

Big is just appearance, behind which is the unique connotation of strong competitiveness. Horizon Construction Development Group is equipment-centered, not limited to simply providing operating rental services, but providing integrated solutions including construction, maintenance, second-hand disposal, sales agents, etc.

Horizon Construction Development Group has continuously improved its technical capability and efficiency. It has more than 40 senior engineers and more than 100 patents, ensuring technological leadership. More than 100 outlets have been set up across the country to be closer to customers. At the same time, in the field of construction, it has formed the whole process service capability from foundation pit excavation, main body construction to construction and installation.

Its clients include not only large domestic organizations and activities such as Import Expo, but also actively respond to the call of "the belt and road initiative" to go out and serve Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States.




We will further build consensus and deepen win-win cooperation.

The partners are optimistic about the future development of the Far East.


The industrial directions of medical treatment, education and construction have appeared collectively in front of financial institutions for the first time. All institutions have deeply felt the company's intensive work in the industry and have better understood the industrial connotation of the Far East's continuous leading of the development of the industry.

Long-term focus on the real industry and becoming an industrial service provider and in-depth participant is an important foundation for the rapid growth of Far East Horizon in the past and a fundamental reason for long-term optimism in the future.

This exchange meeting enabled long-term partners in the Far East to have a deeper understanding of the Far East and won wide acclaim from the participants. The participating partners expressed more confidence in future cooperation and expressed their strong desire to increase cooperation with various industrial entities.