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Far East Horizon, together with Fudan University's School of Journalism, and other experts and elites, continue to be optimistic about the development of the media industry.

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-07-30

"In the past we nurtured industries, today we believe in industries, 
and in the future we will create industries even more! "

A few days ago, Far East Horizon and the Journalism Department of Fudan University jointly held the "2019 China Media Industry Innovation Practice Summit Forum" successfully.


As a series of activities celebrating the 90th anniversary of Fudan University of Journalism, this forum brings together people from all walks of life in the field of cultural media. Chen zhimin, vice-president of Fudan University, Cao jian, senior vice-president of Far East Horizon, Mi bohua, dean of the School of Journalism, and other leaders were invited to attend and deliver speeches. Zhang taofu, party secretary and executive dean of the School of Journalism of Fudan University presided over the event.


Cao jian, Senior Vice President of Far East Horizon

Speech at 2019 China Media Industry Innovation Practice Summit Forum


The forum was attended by more than 100 other government department leaders, industry leaders, well-known experts and scholars, etc. Among them, Li ruigang, Chairman and CEO of the Chinese Culture Group Company, Qiang ying, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Leading Group, Zhu chunyang, Professor of Journalism School of Fudan University, Zhan jing, General Manager of Far East Horizon's People's Livelihood and Consumption Division, Ma zhongjun, Founder of Ciwen Media, Cao guowei, Chairman and CEO of Sina, Wang changtian, President of Light Media, Li rong, Vice President and First Financial CEO of SMG, Chen Wei, Senior Vice President of Aiqiyi, Cui wei, Executive Director of Mango Fund, etc. made keynote speeches successively. At the same time, nearly 100 provincial and municipal cultural and broadcasting system enterprises, cultural media enterprises and film and television production enterprises participated in the grand meeting, gaining insight into the trend of media capital and discussing the trend of cultural industry.


This forum has gathered nearly half of the elites in the media circle. Entrepreneurs, scholars and media experts gathered together. What kind of "strongest signal" did this send?


Entertainment media,

Winter has arrived?

 “Winter is coming!” The hit play "Game of Thrones" is over, while the winter of China's entertainment and media industry across the ocean may have just begun.

How difficult was the entertainment industry in 2018? This year, there was no cultural media company in the IPO of A shares. This year, most VC/PE did not invest in any entertainment project. This year, most cultural media companies did not receive any financing.


Li ruigang, Chairman of CMC Capital and Chinese Culture Group

Give a keynote speech


At the scene, many experts expressed that they felt the cold winter, but they also saw a glimmer of light in this winter. Li ruigang, chairman of CMC Capital and the Chinese Culture Group, said that cultural media have been facing the problems of declining advertising and circulation in recent years, but they should always believe that the development of the industry requires time accumulation and patience.


"2019 Media Industry Outlook" Round Table Forum


Professor Zhang feifen from the School of Journalism of Fudan University also hosted a round table forum on "2019 Media Industry Outlook" jointly by Ma zhongjun, Cao guowei and Wang changtian. Several experts observed the present and future of the media industry from different perspectives such as industrial pattern, ecological environment and media form. They said that although the current situation of the cultural and entertainment industry is not optimistic, with the economy declining, policies tightening and capital receding, the overall trend is still full of optimism as the entire cultural and media industry is returning to rationality amid agitation and collision and new opportunities are gradually sprouting.

The cold night came,

Why do they go against the trend and help?

Against this background, a company that has been operating the cultural media industry for many years announced the launch of a large cultural fund at the forum site-to participate deeply in the operation of the cultural media industry, and to continuously strengthen the layout of cultural programs such as TV plays, variety shows and offline performances.

Far East Horizon, an industrial comprehensive operation service organization that once took financial leasing as its main business, why resolutely chose to go up against the current trend?

"In the past year, our deeply cultivated cultural media has experienced capital stagnation and industry swing. However, today we are still gathering to talk about the future precisely because of our love and confidence in the industry. " On the forum site, Zhan jing, General Manager of Far East Horizon's People's Livelihood Consumption Division, shared "Thoughts on Cultural Industry under Capital Winter".


Zhan jing, General Manager of Far East Horizon's People's Livelihood and Consumption Division

Share the keynote speech at the event site.


Seemingly challenging, it is a huge opportunity for the Far East. Zhan jing believes that the rigid demand for cultural consumption will still be the internal driving force for industrial development. Experts at the forum gave examples. In 2018, the cultural media industry accounted for more than 12% of Shanghai's GDP and was regarded as a pillar industry of Shanghai's national economy. Through the promulgation of "50 Articles on Literary Creation" in Shanghai, the literary creation industry still has broad development space in Shanghai in order to realize the layout of "the capital of cultural creativity".

"We insist on looking forward to the future of the entertainment industry. The low period is the right time for capital to enter and resources to be integrated." Zhan jing pointed out that Far East Horizon is deeply engaged in the cultural media industry, not only focusing on the financial value behind it, but also regarding the industry as a "century-old foundation" for the company's development and even the country's development, continuously assisting and sharing achievements. "With more than ten years of deep cultivation of the media industry, Far East Horizon will firmly support the cultural media industry to enter the next stage of development."


Financial Capital Helps Media Industry,

Far East Horizon Gives "Answers"

Far East Horizon's People's Livelihood and Consumption Division launched a large entertainment fund on site, which undoubtedly injected a shot in the arm for industrial development. To help the cultural media industry upgrade, Far East Horizon relies on a persistent confidence and an unchanged initial heart.

This confidence stems from Far East Horizon's understanding of all aspects brought about by the continuous deep cultivation of the cultural media industry.



2019 China Media Industry Innovation Practice Summit Forum


In the financial field, the Far East has provided various solutions such as creditor's rights business, equity investment, investment banking business, etc. to the problems of light assets and difficult financing in the cultural media industry. According to statistics, Far East Horizon has invested more than 20 billion yuan in the field of cultural media, serving more than 300 clients in the media industry, covering all major radio and television networks, television stations, newspaper groups, film and television production companies, cultural media enterprises, etc.

In the direction of industry, Far East Horizon is now steadily moving towards an operational industry through continuous service industry and in-depth industry. Through the continuous accumulation of financial capital, many industrial resources have been gathered.

Facing the future, Far East Horizon will continue to actively implement the corporate strategy of "finance+industry". Through the integration of financial and industrial resources, it will continue to promote the upgrading of the cultural media industry and jointly promote the development of the industry with industry leaders, experts and scholars, innovative entrepreneurs, etc.