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Look, the Far East Horizon Group Has a "Cloud"

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-09-06

Early in the morning of July 3,

Ye, a worker who was carrying out construction in Xinjiang province

Just received a call

A telephone call from Shanghai thousands of miles away,

The other end of the phone was a warm reminder from Horizon Construction  Development Group-

The Gini aerial work vehicle with equipment number * * * * he used,

Maintenance time has been reached.

In order to ensure the normal daily use of the equipment,

Far East Horizon will assign special service engineers.

Carrying out a comprehensive maintenance inspection on the equipment.


On the same day,

Liu, a salesman of the Beijing branch of Horizon Construction Development Group

He got a call from a client,

There was an urgent need for 50 scissor carts.

In order to complete the inspection of ventilation system in an exhibition hall.

Due to insufficient equipment allowance in Beijing area,

Liu immediately checked the nearby regional stores through the equipment management system.

He found that there were still ten pieces of equipment to be rented in Tianjin.

He immediately launched the online transfer.

It only took a few hours.

All equipment was ready.


Far East Horizon's flagship enterprise in the field of construction equipment operation,

Equipment Maintenance of Horizon Construction Development Group

Why can we achieve a high degree of national unity?

Why can we schedule so effectively?

The answers are all in our elaborate "Cloud"

It can record working hours and working conditions, search and locate, check stock, and it can also diagnose faults intelligently.

Full intelligent operation of whole-process logistics,

Realizing the whole life cycle management of equipment assets ...

It has many functions and great energy.

How can Horizon Construction Development Group do these?

This is due to the fact that it has already established a big data platform for leasing equipment, Internet of Things and equipment management.

In recent years, Horizon Construction Development Group has participated in a wide range of services and a large number of national construction projects.

It has become one of the top 60 leasing companies in the world.

Leading comes from strength.

It stems from the diligent pursuit of scientific and technological progress.

During the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge,

At the Xiong'an new area Citizen Service Center project site,

At the construction site of Beijing Daxing International Airport


Similar remote control appears everywhere at the beginning of the article.

It connects east, west, north and south.

Far East Horizon's data service always follows Horizon's leased equipment



A Diversified “Cloud”

Internet of Things, Internet, Informatization, Big Data, AI…… ...

The application of Cloud-based technology has become a new trend in science and technology.

Based on the existing internal information system of Far East Horizon,

The Cloud platform developed by Horizon Construction Development Group,

Through software and hardware upgrades, the organic integration of various technologies with modern service industries has been achieved-


The integration of these functions provided reliable support for the life cycle management of leased equipment.



A "Pioneering" Cloud

As the first enterprise in China to successfully implement equipment asset life cycle management,

Horizon Construction Development Group is continuously leading the industry's scientific and technological progress and upgrading of products.

It already had the research and development ability to tailor engineering construction products for customers.

Many independently developed products have reached the domestic leading level.

A total of 99 authorized patents, 10 invention patents and 7 software copyrights have been obtained.

The construction of the leased equipment Internet of Things and the equipment management big data platform,

It was the concentrated evidence of this fact:


"Pioneering" Technological Innovation

The platform is the first of its kind in China.

No relevant reports have been seen in the world.

Technology is advanced.

The system data is timely, complete and accurate.

Device data update time is less than 3 minutes.

The correctness of equipment data reaches 100%.

The positioning accuracy of the system is less than 15 meters in the horizontal direction.

Meeting the control requirements for large-scale equipment;

The endurance of the device exceeds 30 days.

The failure rate is not higher than 1%.

The system has high reliability.


System interface

Thanks to the technological leadership and creativity,

Horizon Construction Development Group's leased equipment, Internet of Things and Equipment Management Big Data Platform and its derived technical services

Has won many professional recognition:



"Precision" Mode Innovation

Through big data technology,

Starting from the source of equipment management,

Horizon Construction and Development Group can accurately implement the lease management, intelligent dispatching, remote monitoring, fault alarm, equipment maintenance, data analysis and even the whole life cycle management of each set of equipment.

In addition, through the accumulation of equipment operation big data, it can also provide the basis for further accurate marketing and equipment renovation.


"Value-added" Service Innovation

To provide value-added services to customers,

Improve its engineering efficiency and reduce costs.

Through the equipment health management system,

The problem of equipment leaving the warehouse can be effectively avoided,

Avoid losses;

Through the intelligent dispatching system,

The utilization rate of that equipment can be fully improve;

Remote monitoring and early warning,

Avoiding the economic losses brought to customers by sudden equipment failure;

The use of big data to analyze customers' engineering behaviors and habits provides them with engineering operation guidance and further improves customers' utilization ability of equipment.

A "Golden" Cloud

The equipment leasing industry is closely linked with the real economy.

It is the object of national key development and support.

It is an important driving force for the country to promote industrial innovation and upgrade and expand import and export.

According to statistics,

Global Construction Machinery Rental Market

The annual turnover is about 40 billion US dollars.

80% of the engineering equipment used in developed countries comes from leasing.

At this stage,

China's rental equipment market is only 15-20 billion yuan per year.

Less than 10% of domestic construction machinery and equipment usage.

At present, there is still a rental gap of more than 100 billion yuan.

This is a gap we must see and an area to be explored.

Construction machinery leasing service industry

Integrating advanced information technology,

It will be conducive to the efficient utilization, rational utilization and recycling of industrial chain resources.

It is conducive to promoting the value of the entire industrial chain.


Since using the project platform,

Horizon Construction Development Group has achieved 20% cost reduction and efficiency gains so far.

The operation and maintenance labor cost is saved by more than 10 million yuan,

Saving 10-15 million yuan in equipment procurement costs and operation and maintenance costs for downstream units in the industrial chain.

It would bring additional income of 150 million yuan to the upstream units of the industrial chain.

The vision of Horizon Construction and Development Group is to set up a Chinese version of "United Leasing Group" against international competitors.

(United Leasing Group is the world's number one leasing company).

But facing up to the gap between domestic and foreign industries,

Through independent innovation,

Combining new technologies and new models,

Driving the transformation and upgrading of the equipment leasing service industry,

The Far East Horizon is duty-bound.

And already on the way!