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Halfway of 2019, Far East Horizon has released these important signals in the mid-year meeting

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-09-11

Recently, the Far East Horizon Conference on Key Positions in Mid-2019 was held in Shanghai. More than 300 managers from all over the country's financial and industrial operation lines gathered to summarize the management work in the first half of the year and jointly look forward to the strategic planning for the second half of the year and the future.


Looking back on the first half of the year, under the correct guidance of the "finance+industry" development strategy, the operating potential of Far East Horizon continued to rise, and the total assets and profitability maintained steady growth.

At the same time, facing increasingly severe external risks and challenges, strengthening management, upgrading the system and self-reform have also become the core issues of this mid-year meeting.

Looking ahead to environmental changes

Steady Growth in the First Half of the Year

"How to adapt to environmental changes" is one of the main topics discussed by the participants. At present, the risks and uncertainties of the world economy are rising significantly. The current challenges faced by enterprises come from many dimensions and sides. How to adapt to the environment is a topic that must be paid attention to.

It is worth proud that, relying on long-term deep-rooted industry, long-term business accumulation, keen market insight and forward-looking strategic vision, Far East Horizon foresaw some changes in the environment several years ago and made timely adjustments. As early as 2016, the company put forward the slogan of "farewell to the past". Therefore, Far East Horizon has sufficient psychological preparation to cope with long-term trend changes.


Far East Horizon has been listed in Fortune China Top 500 continuously, up 58 places from last year.

The meeting came just before the announcement of Fortune China 500 in 2019. Far East Horizon not only entered the list for three times in a row, but also rose 58 positions to 336th this year, which is one of the most brilliant answers the company has given in a challenging environment.

Under the guidance of the "finance+industry" two-wheel drive strategy, Far East Horizon's financial structure remained stable in the first half of 2019, with steady and balanced development in both financial business and industrial operation directions, and achieved good results.

Financial Direction: Focus on Industry and Transform Power

Far East Horizon has always responded to the call of "serving the real economy", focusing on key industries and increasing the number of new customers. In addition, through the continuous combing of business logic, the company's new and old development momentum has been transformed in an orderly way, and a future-oriented growth trend is being formed.

Relying on the development idea of "service integration and operation investment banking", the company is continuously increasing its output in comprehensive financial services. At the same time, as an important extension of the company's financial business, Far East Horizon's investment business has also achieved excellent results, with its management scale and investment profits steadily increasing.

By continuously improving comprehensive services and strengthening risk hedging, the efficiency of the company's newly added assets will be significantly improved in the first half of 2019.

Industry Direction: Maintain Advantage and Continue to Improve

In the direction of the medical industry, the company's hospital group has nearly 20,000 beds and continues to rank among the highest level of medical care in China. After many years of practical tests, the development model of Far East Horizon medical service has been proved to have unique vitality. In the first half of this year, authoritative financial institutions such as CICC and CITIC Securities gave high recognition to the financial value of Far East Horizon Medical.


In the direction of construction industry, Horizon Construction Development Group has further strengthened its business scope, realized the expected effect of 1+1 > 2 through resource integration, steadily improved its operating conditions, ranked among the top in the industry in terms of asset scale and profitability, saw a sharp rise in operating income and profit contribution year on year, and continued to rise in 2019 in the top 100 global leasing companies.


The direction of the education industry, adhere to the idea of "high-quality" education, and strive to build a K-12 consistent high-end private education system. Among them, relying on the mode of "joint construction of family and school" and "school+garden", Hongwen School, the flagship school of Far East Horizon Shanghai, has been well received in the market for one year.


Adhere to correct strategic guidelines

"Finance+Industry" deepens collaboration

Looking back at the current situation, participants believed that the company's "finance+industry" development strategy for many years was correct and the development path was clear. Since its inception 18 years ago, Far East Horizon has achieved counter-cyclical development results by relying on clear strategic guidelines, upgraded and updated business models and constantly enriched business connotations.


The development of the "finance+industry" two-wheel drive mode has gradually moved the Far East Horizon towards a positive cycle driven by the mode. Facing the future, Far East Horizon will stick to the correct strategy and adopt the strategy of "stability": the financial direction will stick to serving the real industry, keep up with the trend of industrial evolution, tap the potential energy for growth, meet the development needs of real industry customers in depth, and strengthen the management foundation; At the same time, we will speed up the promotion of industrial operation strategy and continuously explore and upgrade the linkage between finance and industry.


Among them, the medical direction will maintain its strategic focus, build characteristic hospital groups, continue to implement the "Three Ones" innovation model, and on this basis form a linkage with financial services to create greater scale effects and economies of scale.

The direction of construction will continue to be forward-looking and accumulated. Horizon Construction Development Group will base on its existing advantages, promote the integration of online and offline businesses, break down barriers to competition and realize leapfrog development.

The direction of education will continue to explore and innovate the mode of running a school. Through creative "cross-border" development, it will break through the structural dilemma that restricts the sustainable development value of the industry.

Actively Reshaping Management System

Embrace a New Era of Supervision

Anything can be solved well if you anticipate and prepare in advance. At present, the external market pressure is still great, the industrial structure continues to upgrade and the new and old industrial power is in the process of transformation. At the same time, deepening financial reform and strengthening standardized supervision will become the main tone in the future.

Faced with such a complicated external environment and a critical period of economic transformation and upgrading, how can we hedge against cyclical fluctuations and maintain steady potential for development? Far East Horizon believes that only by changing and moving with time can we release power for long-term development.


In the report of this mid-year meeting, Far East Horizon deeply analyzed and examined the deficiencies of its current management system and decided to make the overall upgrading of the management system the company's "number one project" in the second half of the year.

In order to actively welcome and embrace the new era of financial supervision, in the future, the company will continue to insist on and strengthen compliance as the primary premise of its operation, focusing on reshaping the management system from three aspects of intensive operation system, fine personnel management and modernization of financial science and technology, and strengthening risk management, process management and leadership management.

At the same time, the company will also carry out information reform, upgrade the analysis and application of big data by means of information technology, empower business and management, manage "people" and "things" to the utmost, and enhance the "body immunity" of the company from the inside out.

Continue to carry out self-transformation

Speed up to become a global enterprise

Kong fanxing, vice-chairman of Far East Horizon's board of directors, executive director and chief executive officer, said in the concluding speech of the conference that the company has passed 18 years since it moved southward to start its business in 2001. Eighteen years old means adulthood for a person, and in the critical period when the Far East Horizon is maturing, the external environment is also unprecedentedly drastic and changeable, causing the company to bear greater pressure and challenges in the development process. The reason why the company can stand proudly is due to a correct development strategy, and also to the more than 13,000 Far East people who are fighting all over the country.


Facing different challenges, how will Far East Horizon develop in the future?

President Kong fanxing pointed out that the key to examining the problem is not only the external environment, but also what kind of enterprise we are. What kind of enterprise we want to be? In this complicated era, Far East Horizon needs to return to the essence of enterprise existence in its own operation and explore its value to the country, society, customers and employees.

Therefore, the Far East Horizon must adapt to the environment and develop together with the needs of the times. In management, actively explore the development trend of the times and the rise and fall of the industry, and grasp the context of the industry; In terms of management, it is necessary to upgrade the company's management system in an all-round way. By promoting standardization, systematization and intelligent management, every employee, every project and every service of the company will be effectively focused on business development and customer service. It is committed to continuously, effectively and continuously creating value for all parties in the society.

In addition, President Kong fanxing also announced at the meeting that in the future Far East Horizon will speed up the strategy of "globalization of resources and management" and strive to become a global enterprise, with its business spanning the sea and overseas, laying out finance and industry, B-end and C-end, forming an interactive and complementary trend and releasing the potential energy of the company's operation to a greater extent.

If you go together, you will follow the same path; if you go on to the same path, you will remain the same spirit; the same spirit will achieve your mission. This era puts forward higher requirements for all the enterprises in it. Only those enterprises with stronger vitality and wisdom and faster and more effective actions can survive. President Kong fanxing called on all Far East people to keep alert and act quickly, to keep up with the pace of the company's reform and innovation, and to go up against the trend and develop vigorously with the company.