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Learning elites, poets, painters ... 2019 Far East Horizon Graduates Harvest 600 offer from International Famous Universities

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-09-11

Education is not to fill a bucket of water but to light a fire.

-Irish poet William Butler Yeats

In this hot July, while tens of millions of Chinese students are waiting for the admission notice for the college entrance examination, the 2019 global college application season is nearing its end. During this period, students from Far East Horizon Chengdu School, Qingdao School and British Liberal Arts and Science High School have already received about 600 offer from prestigious universities around the world.


They have optimistic and confident faces, young and passionate souls, and they are the spokesmen of the Far East Horizon education ideal.

Today, let's walk into these teenagers, learn about their growth story in Far East schools, and learn about another training path for future elites.

From math enthusiast to famous school reaper

combine teaching with practice and release talent

David Liu is a graduate of the 2019 session of Far East Horizon Qingdao School. This year he received a total of admission notices from 7 schools in the 2019USNews ranking of top 50 American universities, including Brown University. He is truly an offer "reaper".

The seven schools David applied for are all mathematics majors, which stems from his love of mathematics. In addition to completing the A-Level mathematics, high mathematics and economy tests in Grade A2 (Senior 2) ahead of schedule in Grade AS (Senior 3) and achieving excellent results, David also took part in many mathematics competitions after class, advanced to the American Mathematics Invitational Competition with the top 2% of the world's results, and won the gold medal in the British Mathematics Competition.


"Mathematics+Art" has made David's way to study. This is the life of the Far East elite who "apply what he has learned". Only when love is stimulated to the utmost can children independently create such interesting learning experiences.

Similarly, Lydia Liu, a coeducational student, has also taken a keen interest in mathematics since the beginning of secondary school. During her study in Far East School, she found herself more interested in studying applied mathematics, statistics and finance as her scope widened. Lydia experienced the charm of "venture capital and financial market" in many practices and experiences, and finally entered the risk management major of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Exploring students' interests and hobbies, relying on rich disciplines such as science, art and business, and guiding them to apply their knowledge to areas where they are good at so as to cultivate students' ability of active learning, is a vivid portrayal of Far East Horizon's educational philosophy-"cultivation of interests and expertise, career planning and development".

Far East Horizon has always believed that every child will be a "learning elite" as long as he can release his inherent talent.

The target is world-renowned Oxford and Cambridge

-Teach students according to their aptitude and realize their dreams

Serena Zeng from Chengdu University applied to 6 universities, including Oxford University, Imperial College, University College London, Manchester University, Bristol University and McGill University in Canada, finally achieving 100% pre-admission to top universities.


Once determined that interested in the chemistry section, her efforts will have a direction. Serena's father said that he was very grateful to the foreign principal for answering questions, revising application documents, and conducting counseling interviews during his busy schedule, so as to give his children the confidence to go to Oxford.


One-on-one guidance and communication for further studies, intensive logic training for entrance examinations, simulated interviews for principals, and even dormitories specially arranged for graduates all originate from the training plan tailored to each student by Far East Horizon.

Therefore, it is no accident that students from the Far East dream of world famous universities. Sonny Pang from Qingdao School also won the pre-admission to Cambridge University this year.


Having a goal requires planning. Under the teacher's advice and guidance, Sonny's research in natural science in the second year of senior high school has gone beyond the scope of A-level courses, especially in the field of cell biology. In addition, the school also recommended him to attend the London International Youth Science Forum.

All this professional planning has enriched Sonny's experience and broadened his horizon, thus escorting his Cambridge application.


Integrating high-quality resources at home and abroad is a proud educational advantage of Far East Horizon. Collectively running schools has won students more opportunities and platforms at an international level, which has also become a key to opening the doors of the world's top universities.

"Painter" and "Poet" are also another kind of "Master of Learning"

-Developing Individuality and Going to the World

Dennis Fan of Chengdu School has achieved excellent results in mathematics competition, physics competition and chemistry competition, but he has more than 10 years of painting skills and has a dream: to turn his hobby into a career. Fortunately, he did it!



Dennis's Works of Art

Where there is a will, there is a way. The admission letter from California institute of the arts and the annual scholarship of US$ 15,000 are the sweetest rewards to Dennis and the greatest affirmation to Far East Horizon Education.

Every Far East graduate is full of color, struggle, joy, tears and sweat, writing their own different youth poems.


"I have always been rational and hard-working in my college application and professional orientation, and I insist that it must be related to my hobbies." As a student about to enter the international arena, Ye, a fellow student of Chengdu school, believes that she should have a solid foundation in the culture of her motherland. From reciting poems for the first time in primary school to reciting classics in school, she is closely related to poems. therefore, in 2018, ye published her first campus poetry collection, A Leaf.


Far East Education will never advocate the "score-only theory" or put on "elite templates" for each student. The school fully respects the diversified growth of each student and encourages them to approach their dreams on their own track.

People-oriented, Quality Education

-let every life shine brilliantly

17% of all previous graduates attended the world's top 10 universities, and more than 90% attended the world's top 100 universities.

Far East Horizon's international curriculum schools refresh the admission lists of prestigious universities every year, with outstanding graduates all over the world: Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College, Yale University, Berkeley, California, Boston University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University, Australian National, Melbourne, Sydney University, Toronto, McGill, University of British Columbia, Canada ...

Far East Horizon has always been people-oriented, fully respecting people's multiple growth, fully developing people's potential, fully cultivating people's excellent character, fully stimulating people's learning motivation, fully mobilizing people's ability to challenge all difficulties, and building each school into an open and inclusive cultural soil.

Children with different personalities and interests can find their own stage from Far East Horizon Education.


Practicing the tenet of "people-oriented, integration of Chinese and western, elite education", Far East Horizon education enables each student to have significant expertise and competitive advantages, so that they can confidently go to the world and become outstanding talents in the future.


As Ren guofang, the chief principal of Far East Horizon Education Group, said, we attach importance to the discovery of each child's potential and the development of his or her personality, and regard interest as the focus of cultivating students' autonomous learning. Through career planning, let each child's key development part become the most competitive part in the future. "It can be said that in the Far East, every child's shining point will be encouraged and stimulated."