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How to adapt to environmental changes? President Kong fanxing shared these thoughts and practices ...

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-09-29

Recently, Kong fanxing, vice chairman, executive director and chief executive officer of Far East Horizon Board of Directors, went to Nanchang, Changsha and Guiyang to have discussions and exchanges with front-line staff and to conduct field research on kindergartens owned by the Group.

This research is the first round of research after the company's mid-year work conference. How to adapt to the environment is still the core issue. President Kong stressed: "The fundamental reason for the sustainable development and growth of Far East Horizon is to take advantage of the situation and adapt to the changing environment and customer needs to constantly adjust its own resources integration mode and value creation logic."

During the discussion, President Kong communicated with the employees in depth about the company's development strategy, and earnestly cared about the living and working conditions of employees everywhere. During the discussion, the employees of the three places further understood the development direction of the company and also put forward many valuable suggestions for the company's operation and management.

Far East Horizon belongs to the people of the Far East. First-line research is a fine tradition of Far East Horizon. The company's leadership is persistent every year. All employees in the company play an important role in unifying the thinking of the whole company, building consensus and brainstorming.

Let's share the results of this research.

Financial stability is the most important thing

"At present, the company's development focus is to make steady progress and ensure the quality of operation." President Kong stressed that "the essence of finance is to control risks". In the current development of Far East Horizon's business in the financial field, it is especially important to control risks and put stability first.

"As a leader in the financial leasing industry, Far East Horizon should assume the role of compliance demonstration and fulfill the corresponding corporate responsibilities." President Kong pointed out that "in the future, financial supervision will become more and more strict, and companies must always adhere to the fine tradition of compliance management" and "companies should take the lead in setting an example, embrace supervision actively, and take the lead in improving self-regulation level."

"The company's strategy is clear, its direction is correct, and its operations are orderly." For many years, Far East Horizon has always insisted on deep cultivation of industry and painstaking management, with the mission of service industry upgrading and service city upgrading. President Kong said that with the concerted efforts of everyone, the security of Far East Horizon's assets has remained dynamic and stable, laying the foundation for long-term development in the future.

"Only by putting ourselves in an invincible position can we seek further progress." President Kong pointed out that for a long time to come, Far East Horizon's financial business will always take "stability" as the first priority and risk management as the top priority.

Industrial Upgrading and Full Innovation

After years of continuous efforts, Far East Horizon is no longer a single financial company, and its industrial businesses such as hospital group, construction equipment operation and school operation are also growing stronger and growing into industry leaders, attracting more and more attention.

In this investigation, President Kong explained many unique opinions on the company's current industrial operation.

1. The hospital group is an industry, but also a century-old enterprise.

After more than ten years of research and exploration, the financial value of Far East Horizon Hospital Group has been recognized by the industry. President Kong said that this release of efficiency reflected the consistent style of doing things in the Far East-"being cautious and not blindly following".

Hospital operation is not only an asset but also a career for Far East Horizon.

Different from the "trusteeship model" adopted by most institutions in the market, Far East Horizon's hospitals have been completely corporatized and managed independently, thus becoming a real member of the industry.

Far East Horizon has created the "Three Ones" management mode of "one system, one network and one hospital" aiming at the nationwide operation of hospitals, which reflects the company's profound understanding and intelligent handling of internal problems in the medical industry. Under the impetus of this system, Far East Horizon will gradually supply high-quality medical resources to small cities and even county-level areas that are in greatest need of medical resources in the future, striving to become an important supplement to public medical services.

In the future, the medical and health service with hospital group as the main carrier will become a long-term development industry of Far East Horizon. This year, the company will continue to promote the "100 counties plan"-one high-quality hospital will be set up in each of the country's 100 counties, with a total number of beds reaching 50,000, accelerating to become the top hospital group in Asia and even the world, and contributing to the national goal of "no serious illness will leave the county".

2. Improve the quality in the construction field and become the leader in the "post-construction era"

As the leader in the operation of the Far East Horizon construction industry, Horizon Construction and Development Group has achieved strong profit potential after its integration at the end of 2018, and has successfully realized the feedback to the headquarters.

This proves the correctness of the company's strategic direction-after the end of China's large-scale construction wave, the connotation of construction services and technological upgrading are the general trend. "China's' post-construction era' is coming!" President Kong pointed out that "in the future, the construction field will gradually transition to improving quality, better serving the green upgrading of cities and improving the living quality of residents."

President Kong also put forward many requirements for Horizon Construction and Development Group, including refinement, scientization and standardization.

After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of construction, the former high-speed development mode of Far East Horizon is gone forever. Kong Zong believes that how to resonate with the upgrading of China's construction industry in the future will be the core proposition of Far East Horizon's construction. Horizon Construction and Development Group has an important mission to answer this proposition.

3. Break the educational norm: Do not "open the back door" to leaders, forbidding to corrupt leaders.

"Hongwen School in Shanghai can be said to be a hot spot in the education field!" Speaking of the Hongwen School under Far East Horizon, President Kong is very proud, "When it comes to education, we have to do the utmost and do the best."

How can education be perfected? President Kong believes that attention must be paid to the details.

"Hongwen's children eat better food than the company's management!" According to reports, the canteen of Hongwen School is managed independently by the platform of Far East Horizon. All fresh ingredients are supplied to the students first, and then to the headquarters canteen.

Only formal channels can enter Hongwen. "It is impossible for anyone to enter through other channels, even through me. This is also our guarantee of quality." President Kong pointed out that Far East Horizon has always been committed to being a clean force in the education sector. The unique operation concept is also the source of respect. In addition, "anyone who enters Hongwen will not spend extra money, which is an expression of our pursuit of perfection and winning credibility."

When investigating Changsha Kindergarten, the group's Mengshi School Kindergarten, President Kong also pointed out that the goal of Changsha Kindergarten in the next stage is to become a representative of Changsha's high-end "fine kindergarten". To this end, the company's management lines will continue to invest resources to ensure the effective landing of operational objectives. In the future, through the introduction of courses developed by Far East Horizon Education Research Institute, children in Changsha can also share cutting-edge courses synchronized with Shanghai. Logistics and catering teams from the headquarters will also participate in the daily operation and management of the park.

Practice hard to improve management

"Far East Horizon is currently working hard on its internal skills, which is an inevitable and necessary measure in the face of the complicated external situation." President Kong pointed out that this is the year of management for the company, and the core priority is management improvement.

"In the past, the management of assets, management processes and management operations will be extended to the management of individual behaviors this year." "The uncertainties and blind spots in the previous management of personnel will be transformed into actual traceable information, and the working process will be transparent and quantifiable." President Kong said that only after such reorganization can the company have a softer and more flexible body to adapt to the environment when facing a more severe and complicated situation in the future.

"We have to squeeze ourselves into a fist before we can talk about living in the future." President Kong pointed out that through management improvement, he expects to create a clear and simple cultural atmosphere for every employee joining Far East Horizon. "As long as we overcome our shortcomings and give full play to our advantages, the company can form a virtuous circle between performance, personnel and treatment."

During this investigation, colleagues in the office put forward many insightful opinions, and many reasonable suggestions were adopted by the company. President Kong very much encourages the staff to pool their wisdom and open their minds, "Welcome to put forward more opinions. The more opinions you put forward, the better the company will be."

This once again confirms a famous saying of Far East Horizon-we are not perfect, but we never refuse to improve.