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Join hands with Academician Ning guang and walk with hundreds of millions of patients with metabolic diseases, MMC cooperates with group hospitals.

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-10-28

The National Standardized Metabolic Disease Management Center (MMC) provides better solutions for metabolic diseases


On June 27, the "Standardized Metabolic Disease Management Center (MMC)" of Shenzhen Zhonghai Hospital under the medical and health group held a grand opening ceremony. Kong fanxing, president of Far East Horizon, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of Shandong First Medical University, vice president of Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, professor Ning guang, director of the Endocrine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and Ms. Wang weiqing, director of the Endocrine Department of Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College. Wu zhijun, Vice President of Far East Horizon, Mr. Cai jianjun, Chief Information Officer of Far East Horizon, Mr. Li zhenjie, CEO of Shanghai Zhizhong Medical Technology Co., Ltd., and other guests attended the ceremony, including the leaders of Shenzhen Health Committee and Longgang District government, leaders of Far East Horizon's multi-functional departments and representatives of the Group Hospital.




Academician Ning guang delivered a speech. He said that metabolic diseases are  serious public health problems in the world. China has a large number of patients. The smart medical model of "one center, one-stop service and one standard" implemented by MMC project is an effective way to deal with metabolic diseases. When a medical institution joins MMC network, it means that the local people can obtain a national unified high-quality metabolic disease diagnosis and treatment plan, and they are appreciative and expect to jointly promote this initiative with Far East Horizon, which benefits the people, hospitals and the government.



President Kong fanxing also had high hopes for MMC landing in Shenzhen Zhonghai Hospital. Looking back on the development of Far East and Far East medical care, president Kong fanxing introduced the company's process of developing and creating value together with the national health industry, as well as the operation services widely rooted in basic industries such as medical care, education, construction and industrial equipment. MMC's standardization concept coincides with the operation mode of Far East Medical "one system, one network, one hospital". It is expected that the team led by Academician Ning guang will introduce top-level medical technology and resources to the group hospital, fully transmit these advantageous resources to the people all over the country through the Far East network, and drive the headquarters and institutions to make greater progress in endocrinology and other disciplines.


olic diseases mainly include obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, gout, osteoporosis, etc. They are chronic consumptive diseases that seriously endanger human health and patients' quality of life, and can develop into serious cardiovascular diseases or tumors under certain conditions. At present, the incidence and number of metabolic diseases are rising rapidly worldwide, which has become a serious public health problem.

Metabolic diseases have also imposed a heavy burden on personal life and the national medical and health system in our country. According to statistics, as of 2017, the number of diabetes patients in China (114.4 million) ranks first in the world. More than 30% of Chinese suffer from metabolic syndrome represented by diabetes. Therefore, there is an urgent need to improve the management of diagnosis and treatment of various metabolic diseases. Under this background, the National Standardized Metabolic Disease Management Center (MMC), led by Academician Ning guang and sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association, came into being.


The Standardized Metabolic Disease Management Center (MMC) is managed by the National Metabolic Disease Clinical Medical Research Center/Shanghai Endocrine and Metabolic Disease Research Institute, and a standardized management system for the promotion of metabolic diseases is established nationwide. MMC aims to establish a one-stop, standardized integrated management platform for metabolic diseases based on Internet of Things big data, and create a new management mode for diagnosis and treatment of metabolic diseases in combination with a digital follow-up system, so as to make endocrinology the forefront of management for metabolic chronic diseases.


MMC's National Center is located in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital. At present, more than 500 medical institutions across the country have successfully joined the ranks. Relying on the establishment of MMC, the group hospital will be able to provide the local people and the competent departments with the nearest national medical insurance for metabolic diseases-under the guidance of the MMC special Committee, MMC's operation contains a total of about 400 standard operating procedures, and each step has extremely strict standards; At the same time, through the collection of big data, MMC will not only be a simple medical service, but also establish a risk prediction model, establish a diabetes medical database, share high-level research results, and finally draw a "smart map of diabetes in China".



Leading guests jointly push rod to start MMC opening in Shenzhen Zhonghai Hospital


After the establishment of the center, patients will receive an efficient one-stop service in Shenzhen Zhonghai Hospital. The diagnosis and treatment process will be guided by the standardization of the top endocrinologist team in China, and the same homogenization diagnosis and treatment process and scheme as Shanghai Ruijin Hospital will be obtained locally. When necessary, patients will receive corresponding medical advice and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, and medical and health knowledge will be obtained through MMC App, WeChat information and patient education activities.



MMC's appearance, equipment configuration, data acquisition and operation procedures are all standardized and unified.


This measure not only directly promotes the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic diseases in a single hospital, but also reconstructs and upgrades the development of medical endocrinology in the Far East through cooperation with MMC and Academician Ning guang. Through the integration of resources and the hiring of experts at the headquarters level, a solid discipline development system will surely be formed, creating features in group hospitals, eliminating disparities, and driving discipline construction in more individual institutions from various aspects of software and hardware.



Academician Ning guang and Wang weiqing, Director of Endocrine Metabolism Department of Ruijin Hospital, made special reports on the same day on "Endocrine Discipline Construction and Development" and "Introduction and Management of MMC Center" and communicated with relevant department personnel.


In the next step, Far East Medical will continue to push forward the landing of MMC in group hospitals, fulfilling the original dream of transferring high-quality medical resources and serving people in more areas. At the headquarters level, we will speed up and improve the system construction of metabolic diseases related disciplines to weaken the impact of diseases and improve the national health level.