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Have you received the express for the shopping carnival on November 11? Far East Horizon Speeds Up for You

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2019-11-22

In the early morning of November 11 and one hour after the shopping carnival on November 11, Chen Fang finally put down her mobile phone after paying the balance of several scheduled commodities. Apart from the commodities she needed, half-price buying of imported milk, which the whole family loved to drink, was her biggest task that night, with five family members consuming about 1.5 litres a day. She began to worry that milk that had been out of stock would have to wait a few days to be replenished, but her husband, who had been dealing with the logistics industry for more than ten years, comforted her by saying that today's "China speed" was quite different.


Express warehouse explosion is no longer news


When Chen Fang fell asleep peacefully, tens of thousands of logistics personnel started to fight the busiest "battle" of the year. According to statistics released by Cainiao Network, at 8: 00 a.m. on November 11, Tmall had already broken 100 million orders, which was about an hour earlier than last year.


Chen Fang never expected that the express had arrived at the door when she woke up. After drinking milk, his son happily went to Hongwen School. Orders were placed in the early morning and received in a few hours. For ordinary consumers, a carton of imported milk seems to be available online in a single order. In fact, on the 11th of this year, only a well-known e-commerce platform sold more than 600,000 cartons of imported milk on that day. The weight of 600,000 cartons of imported milk is between 4,000 and 5,000 tons, occupying the space equivalent to 100 train carriages. The entire delivery must be jointly completed by the entire industrial chain of transportation and logistics.




Different from domestic goods, imported goods have an additional international transportation link. Small and high-value goods are usually transported by air, while most consumer goods such as imported milk are mainly imported by sea with low cost. Logistics practitioners have formed seamless connection with domestic storage and express delivery systems by continuously improving the performance of transportation tools, improving management level, optimizing customs clearance procedures, shortening transportation time limit, etc. Today, the import convenience is comparable to that of domestic procurement.


According to statistics, on November 11, 2019, the Internet Federation and UnionPay handled a total of 1.779 billion online payment transactions, and postal and courier companies also handled 535 million express shipments on the same day, a record high. During the Double Eleven peak period, the total volume of express mail business handled by the whole industry is expected to reach 2.8 billion pieces.


In the past, such a large volume of transactions would probably took several months to process. Since the birth of the first "Double Eleven" in 2009, express delivery has become the hottest topic at this time of year. Some consumers will never even receive the treasures they buy.

However, such a phenomenon has rarely been heard in recent years. Express logistics companies cooperated with large-scale e-commerce companies and, through big data forecasting and analysis, placed hot commodities in the front warehouse and cloud warehouse closest to consumers in advance, thus significantly accelerating delivery. Veteran consumers who participated in the shopping carnival for 11 years said that this year's collection and delivery speed was the fastest in years.


Behind the super speed lies the continuous improvement of China's transportation and logistics enterprises and the continuous improvement of science and technology. The reason why all these have undergone such earth-shaking changes in just a few years cannot be separated from the great contributor of industrial capital.



"Octopus" Behind Express Logistics Industry Chain


In the past, individuals could set up an express delivery company. In the past decade, fewer and fewer new entrants have entered the company. Express delivery has upgraded from competition for manpower and business to competition for capital and technology. Distribution centers and business outlets need a lot of land. Hundreds of thousands of employees, transportation vehicles, modern processing equipment and even their own airports also mean huge capital investment.


Self-owned funds are far from meeting these development needs. Major express delivery companies need diversified financing channels, and intimate knowledge of the industry's industrial capital is undoubtedly an important supplement. As a matter of fact, many express delivery giants have emerged behind them the figure of Far East Horizon, the leading innovative financial institution in China.


As a comprehensive group spanning finance and industry, Far East Horizon has been taking "gathering global resources and assisting Chinese industry" as its mission since it moved southward to Shanghai in 2001. Under the guidance of the "finance+industry" strategy, it has extended its scope to all corners of the transportation and logistics industry chain. Through the "capital+resources" approach, it not only empowers Chinese enterprises, but also promotes the accelerated transformation and upgrading of the industry.


As we all know, Yiwu, Zhejiang, is the world-famous "small commodity capital" and ranks among the top five in terms of annual express delivery volume in major domestic cities. In the first few years of Double Eleven, Yiwu Shentong Company has been suffering from the shortage of express delivery capacity, the direct purchase of equipment took up too much capital and could not obtain loans from bank channels. In front of the urgent problems to be solved, Far East Horizon has helped Yiwu Shentong Company to become one of the first domestic express delivery companies to introduce intelligent sorting system through in-depth analysis of its operation capability and production factors, thus saving tens of millions of yuan in labor costs, not only greatly reducing the risks of warehouse explosion and mis-leakage during the shopping season, but also creating favorable conditions for the long-term sustainable development of the enterprise.


 Looking at the entire field of transportation and logistics, Far East Horizon is not only an important provider of funds for many express delivery companies, but also goes deep into various fields such as aviation, maritime transportation, railways, highways, airports, ports, stations, pipelines, storage, logistics parks, wholesale markets, etc. It can be called the "octopus" behind the transportation and logistics industry chain.

In 2003, Far East Horizon cooperated with shipping companies for the first time in ship financing. In the past 20 years, many customers have developed from the original small coastal cargo ship carriers to outstanding ones in the shipping industry. Different from the general industrial capital, Far East Horizon also invested and owned its own fleet in order to have a deeper understanding of the industrial laws and customer needs. It closely combined its own insight into the industry with its practice, and exported the experience to customer enterprises. At the same time, it interconnected tens of thousands of customer resources owned by the group, finally realizing the double matching of funds and resources.


Imported Food Live in "Four Star Hotel" Across the Sea


Chen Fang still remembered the first time she bought imported milk online. At that time, she had little experience at work. When the express arrived, she was on a business trip and asked her neighbor to sign for it and put it on the shoe cabinet at the door. When she returned home, a tightly packed box of milk was completely moldy. The original box of milk was squeezed and leaked, which affected the others. She noticed that similar damages were less and less common, and she could not even remember when the last express damage occurred.


Many people's impression of the cargo ship may still remained in Jackie Chan's film era. In those fighting scenes, the ports and cargo ships were dark and untidy. In fact, nowadays, great changes have taken place in the facilities, environment, management and other aspects of transport ships. The latest equipment such as air conditioning and sterilization are all available. Basically, they are thoroughly cleaned and maintained once or twice a month, and the space with a height of 4-5 meters makes people feel as if they are in a high-end hotel. The large space is divided into normal temperature area, cold storage area, freezing area and so on according to needs. Different commodities are placed in different areas, which can realize the maximum preservation and transportation of food.




"This is closely related to the continuous progress of the entire logistics industry chain. Both express delivery and logistics have entered a new stage of refined operations from the past extensive operation." The head of Far East Horizon's transportation and logistics business said. Whether it is milk or more delicate fresh fruits or other imported products, from the moment of embarkation, we can say that they are enjoying the treatment and meticulous care of a four-star hotel all the way, crossing the ocean to come to China, and then arriving at the table of the common people through the domestic developed logistics network and express delivery system.


Although the double-eleven carnival for the vast number of consumers is mainly held within 24 hours each year, for businesses, producers and transportation and logistics enterprises, they need to start stocking up several months in advance or improve their operation ability. Far East Horizon, which is always close to the industry and customers, will often discuss the allocation of production factors with customers earlier, customize financial solutions suitable for the development of enterprises together, and help enterprises seize business opportunities and win harvest in this grand carnival through fine services such as advance lending, floating and leasing.


The ratio of the total cost of social logistics to GDP is one of the reference data on whether a country's economic operation is efficient. For every percentage reduction in the total cost of national logistics, hundreds of billions of yuan can be saved. In 2003, when Far East Horizon was just involved in the field of transportation and logistics, the total cost of domestic social logistics accounted for 21.4% of GDP. By 2018, this figure had dropped to 14.8%.


"Today, through the joint efforts of all parties, China's transportation and logistics system has achieved a great leap, but it is far from perfect. We are increasing our investment in this field of real industries." Far East Horizon believes that with the popularization and application of new generation information technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, AI, etc., China's intelligent logistics system with full coverage and wide connectivity will bring more benefits to people in the future.