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Partners and Resources

Guided by a “resource globalization” strategy, Far East Horizon is committed to organizing financial resources through dual domestic and overseas platforms. It has established strategic cooperation partnerships with many financial organizations and vigorously promotes innovative new financial products in servicing Far East Horizon’s clients.


Consortium bank accumulating a total of 50 billion

Issued a total of over 10 billion in bonds and set up MTN program overseas

Achieved foreign investment grade rating of BBB-

Achieved AAA rating domestically


The globalization of the ability to obtain financing:

Obtaining financial resources from a global perspective, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East and other areas. At the same time, realize multi-level market participation, including in the credit, bond, financial and private markets, both in China and abroad.

Illustration: Financial resource mobilization schematic diagram for China and abroad (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East; these countries are shown on the diagram and show Far East Horizon’s sources of financing).


Diversification of strategic partners:

Far East Horizon has always practiced a philosophy of long –term partnerships and style of financial management that favours health and stability, and has strategically allied themselves with multiple partners in the financial markets. The number of organizations it cooperates with now exceeds 100, including policy-making banks, commercial banks, investment banks, securities companies, trust companies, finance companies, fund companies and a variety of institutional investors.


A Pioneer of Financing Innovation:

Far East Horizon has realized multiple innovations in resource acquisition, becoming an innovation pioneer in the financing industry. These include:

Dual financing, consortium loans, club deals, ship financing, settlement amounts, trade financing, overdrafts, factoring, foreign debt, offshore Renminbi products, profit exchange tools, long-term bonds, asset securitization and medium term notes.