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The transformation from a cocoon into a butterfly, and the rebirth of a phoenix, represent unswerving persistence in the pursuit of one's dreams, as well as the long ordeal and strong belief behind that moment of brilliance.


In 2001, 11 people with the dream of starting their own business made a long journey to Shanghai, the flourishing and strange city in Southern China, to start a new life there. At that time, China’s leasing industry was in a depression which had eliminated all but a handful of companies. Without capital or customers, each of those who were part of Far East - the 'Far East people' - were aware of how difficult it would be to survive. We hesitated, agonized and even despaired…


The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep. The Far East people were reborn with strong will, fearless courage, innovative ideas and the spirit of exploration. We have been constantly rewriting the history of China’s leasing industry, surpassing rivals and repeatedly creating new miracles within the industry. Today, Far East has set down roots and blossomed. Over the past 10 years, Far East people have explored the essence of what it takes for a company to survive, innovated the capability to add value to resources, constantly strengthened the organization of resources, developed a distinctive management philosophy, and defined an excellent enterprise with their collective wisdom. Based on an overarching vision of “Strive to build an excellent enterprise”, all Far East people stick together as they hold on to their entrepreneurial passion and rational innovation.


Following constant exploration in capital markets, Far East Horizon entered the international capital market in March 2011, when it was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as China’s first innovative financial company whose primary business is financial leasing. Over the following several months, Far East Horizon successfully sold new shares, was included in HSCCI, MSCI and FTSE, and received high approval in capital markets. In less than a year after its entry in the Hong Kong market, Far East Horizon completed two rounds of equity financing, providing strong capital support for the company in achieving its strategy of becoming an enterprise with 100 billion yuan in assets. This has also provided a solid resource basis for the company to offer diversified innovative financial services to China’s basic industries, as well as powerful resources support and a broader space for the company to conduct further cooperation with all industrial clients.


As a wise man once said, “He who knows himself is enlightened and he who overcomes himself is mighty.” We should see that the road ahead is still filled with difficulties and danger; we should be aware that Far East is still stumbling and tender; we should understand that Far East still has a long way to go in becoming a leading enterprise. Today, Far East people have begun a new journey. Being “moderate, persistent, humble and fearless”, we will spare no effort in making the company a leading enterprise, bravely pursuing ambitious goals and creating more value for shareholders, partners, employees and society.


We are lucky to have witnessed the revitalization of the Chinese nation, and have had the fortune to be able to grow with you in a harmonious environment.


Sail with the wind! Let's join together to create a better future.



Vice-Chairman of the Board & CEO of Far East Horizon Limited