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Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, paid a visit to Far East Horizon

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2017-11-23


On the afternoon of November 13, Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs, vice president of the IOC, founder and chairman of the Samaranch Sports Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "the Foundation") visited Far East Horizon Education Group for the first time with Fang Jingyi, deputy secretary and other delegates of the Foundation. Mr. Xing Wujin, general manager of financial business unit of Education Group, Zhang Li, assistant to general manager and Ren Guofang, president of Educational Group attended the meeting. The two sides held friendly exchanges with regard to the current development plan in the field of education and sports, the future layout direction, and the intention of cooperation.

At the meeting, Li Zixin, marketing strategy strategist, firstly introduced the development history, business model and long-term strategic goal of "Finance + Industry" of Far East Horizon to Mr. Samaranch and highlighted the current operation of Education Group in the field of industry. Far East Horizon Education Group has upheld the philosophy of "people-oriented, integration of Chinese and Western advantages, shaping the elite", and has built more than twenty high-end kindergartens, three high schools with international curriculum features, of which two in China, one overseas (Coventry, UK) based on the concept of Montessori education.

Mr. Samaranch then made a brief introduction on his main job responsibilities as Vice President of the IOC and on the development of the Samaranch Sports Development Foundation in China. Mr. Samaranch mentioned that his father and former IOC President Samaranch had deep feelings about China. Therefore, as a son, he hoped to extend the deep friendship between his father and China through the Foundation and to contribute to the exchange of sports culture between China and the West and the development of Chinese sports culture.

At present, Samaranch Foundation has touched football and tennis in its sports and cultural cooperation with China.

In the aspect of football: The Foundation and Beijing Normal University signed a memorandum of cooperation on campus football earlier this year, hoping to integrate football resources from Spain and other European countries good at football with more than 100 primary and secondary schools in China and to carry out football training programs. They plan to set up a campus football at Beijing Normal University, and work together to help promote the cause of China's campus football. Mr. Samaranch also briefed the participants on what he knew about the mode and progress of cooperation between China and the West in the field of football.

In the aspect of tennis: The Tennis Academy of China Sanchez Cassar Tennis School organized by Samaranch Foundation, China Tennis Academy and Spain's Sanchez Cassar Tennis School was formally established at the beginning of 2016. Located at Nanjing Institute of Physical Education, it is the first tennis academy in China. It has introduced a mature tennis training system and coaching team from Spain and is devoted to cultivating international and professional tennis elites.

After hearing Mr. Samaranchs introduction, Xing Wujin, on behalf of Far East Horizon Education Group, expressed his willingness and expectation of cooperation with Mr. Samaranch and the Samaranch Foundation. He hoped to carry out cooperation in the Chinese tennis and football training as well as the investment of foreign quality education resources.

Ren Guofang, the President, raised questions about the operational details of the above projects, put forward some tentative plans for initial cooperation and conducted enthusiastic exchanges with Mr. Samaranch.

In the end, Mr. Samaranch expressed his gratefulness to Far East Horizon Education for its preparations for the meeting. As the first official visit between the two sides, this meeting is pragmatic and efficient. Both parties deepened their understanding toward each other and expressed their willingness to discuss cooperation plans thereafter. Both Far East Horizon and the Foundation would jointly promote Chinese education and sports development.